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Searching Hamilton Public Library for Dual-Language Books
Dual-language story books can contribute to introducing children to print literacy, bilingualism, and multilingualism, and serve as a bridge to literacy engagement, literacy achievement, and critical understanding.
by Jonathan Lambert
Published February 24, 2017 in Feature (0 comments)

Extreme Librarian: Margaret Houghton, One of Hamilton's Most Valiant Civic Defenders
Margaret Houghton has not only expanded the extensive library holdings over the years, but she seems to retain, with what appears to be a photographic memory, most of that voluminous collection in her head.
by Margaret Lindsay Holton
Published May 20, 2016 in Feature (5 comments)

Federal Law Gives Council Power to Order Move of West Harbour CN Yard
The cost of relocating the Stuart Street CN yard is significant, the timeline is likely to be nearly a decade, and funding will require focused leadership at the local level.
by Joey Coleman
Published May 20, 2015 in Feature (9 comments)

First Place: A Place of Firsts in Hamilton
The corner of King and Wellington has a history going back hundreds of years.
by Joachim Brouwer
Published April 15, 2015 in Feature (7 comments)

Political Activist Ken Stone Takes CSIS to Task for Alleged Harassment
The retired school teacher is making a formal complaint against the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) after the sudden appearance of two agents at his Hamilton home two years ago.
by Paul Weinberg
Published February 25, 2015 in Feature (6 comments)

Putting Trees on the Streets of Crown Point
Some Hamilton neighbourhoods with especially poor tree coverage have some of the worst air quality in Canada. In response, OPIRG McMaster supported a student to start the Street Tree project last year.
by Krista Kruja
Published June 02, 2014 in Feature (15 comments)

City Council/Committee Meeting Website is an Unusable Quagmire
The website for meeting agendas sucks. It gets almost everything wrong, from proprietary technologies to obsolete, inaccessible formats.
by Ryan McGreal
Published April 08, 2014 in Feature (15 comments)

A Conversation About McMaster’s Role in the Hamilton Community
I look forward to sharing thoughts from a small sample of the many creative, forward-thinking voices in our community on how we can build on the momentum of Patrick Deane’s Forward With Integrity vision.
by Dave Heidebrecht
Published March 25, 2014 in Feature (6 comments)

David Lambert, Canada's Fastest Knot-Tyer
As a member of the Southern Ontario Knot Tyers, Dave Lambert and a small cohort of local knotting enthusiasts will be hosting the Semi-Annual Meeting of the International Guild of Knot Tyers (North American Branch) in Hamilton in the fall of 2014.
by Margaret Lindsay Holton
Published February 07, 2014 in Feature (4 comments)

A Picnic on the High Level Bridge? Do We Dare?
What happens when an innovative press-grabbing idea appears out of the ether that would irreversibly transform the City for the Better in more ways then one?
by Margaret Lindsay Holton
Published November 02, 2013 in Feature (34 comments)

The Homey Appeal of Ottawa Street
With distinctive stores, active independent owner-operators and wide appeal, Ottawa Street continues to evolve and thrive.
by Paul Weinberg
Published October 31, 2013 in Feature (11 comments)

Paying Blood Donors: Ignoring the Past and Endangering the Future
It saddens and angers me that we are having a serious debate about abandoning the principle of unpaid donations, and risking the safety of the blood supply, so that a private company can profit from this public resource.
by David Harvey
Published April 16, 2013 in Feature (6 comments)

Discretionary Benefits: Investment to Promote Health, Dignity and Social Inclusion
Short-term dollar savings must not come at the expense of long-term social costs. In Hamilton and elsewhere, we can’t afford to lose Discretionary Benefits.
by Greg Tedesco
Published March 14, 2013 in Feature (7 comments)

2013 State of the City
The text of Mayor Bob Bratina's third state of the city address.
by Bob Bratina
Published January 30, 2013 in Feature (17 comments)

Tell Council to Support Backyard Hen Pilot Project
Council can still reverse the recent planning committee decision to reject a pilot project for wards 1 and 2 to allow the ownership of a small number of backyard hens.
by Ryan McGreal
Published December 06, 2012 in Feature (64 comments)

Pipeline Politics and Canada's Petro-State Reality
Without a public conversation, resource wealth will continue to go into the pockets of foreign companies, leaving a major environmental and economic quagmire to future generations of Canadians.
by Dave Heidebrecht
Published December 04, 2012 in Feature (5 comments)

Hamilton General Issues Committee Livestream
Livestream of today's General Issues Committee meeting in Hamilton, starting at 9:30 AM.
by Joey Coleman
Published July 09, 2012 in Feature (10 comments)

The Mabel's Labels Story
Mabel's Labels is an inspiring Hamilton business success story. At its heart is a simple idea, executed extremely well.
by Julie Cole
Published June 06, 2012 in Feature (9 comments)

A Promising Start To Plans For Churchill Park
Churchill Park is a rare and special place where city meets nature. A collaborative Master Plan process is helping it grow as an inclusive, valued, engaged and engaging public space, informed by its unique social and natural history.
by Mary Louise Pigott
Published May 09, 2011 in Feature (52 comments)

Citizens' Forum on Area Rating
Area rating of property taxes affects all of us. The Citizens' Forum is an innovative attempt to do citizen engagement on area rating in a more meaningful, productive way.
by Paul Johnson
Published September 21, 2010 in Feature (5 comments)

James North Supercrawl: Be there
This Friday night, James North will play host to Art Crawl on steroids. You can't miss this!
by Ryan McGreal
Published October 08, 2009 in Feature (23 comments)

A Jolley Cut for Everyone
The Jolley is about to be re-paved. Let's make it accessible to everyone in the city, no matter what mode of transport they prefer.
by Sean Burak
Published September 14, 2009 in Feature (26 comments)

Stinson Reveals Surprise: Build Hamilton Grand at SE Corner of John and Main
The Hamilton Grand will be built at the southeast corner of John and Main, the site of a former Shell station, with slightly larger floor plates.
by Trey Shaughnessy
Published April 12, 2009 in Feature (21 comments)

Smart Transportation Economic Stimulus
Investments and policies that create more multi-modal transportation systems can provide significant economic benefits, particularly over the long run.
by Todd Litman
Published February 11, 2009 in Feature (10 comments)

Designing Hope
Discover how a gingerbread house can provide food and shelter for the homeless.
by Ryan McGreal
Published November 28, 2005 in Feature (0 comments)

Sidebar - Architecture and Homelessness
Design Hope volunteers talk about the role architecture and the arts can play in creating cities that have room for everyone.
by Ryan McGreal
Published November 28, 2005 in Feature (0 comments)

Sidebar - Sharing the Pain: Chest Hair for Shelter
Dan Medakovic has agreed to have his chest waxed to raise over $1,000 in donations for Design Hope.
by Ryan McGreal
Published November 28, 2005 in Feature (1 comment)

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