Justice for Indigenous Peoples is Long Overdue

Ryan McGreal, Published June 30, 2021
It is past time for settlers in Canada to begin to reckon with the genocidal legacy of colonial oppression.

Third-Party Election Advertising Ban About Silencing Workers

Chantal Mancini, Published June 29, 2021
Ford's stunt isn't about 'protecting democracy'. It's about suppressing the voices of those who have the least power, by silencing the organizations that collectively represent them.

Did Doug Ford Test the 'Great Barrington Declaration' on Ontarians?

Ryan McGreal, Published June 29, 2021
Deliberately or not, the Ontario Government conducted a large-scale test of a pseudo-scientific pandemic response cooked up by right-wing billionaires.
Special Report: COVID-19 | 1 Comment

An Update on Raise the Hammer

Ryan McGreal, Published June 28, 2021
Some thoughts on RTH's origin, development, legacy and next steps.
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Nestlé Selling North American Water Bottling to an Private Equity Firm

Doreen Nicoll, Published February 23, 2021
Wellington County, Ontario will be particularly hard-hit by this pending sale, since Nestle currently owns three wells in the area that supply its Aberfoyle bottling plant.
Healing Gaia

Jolley Old Sam Lawrence

Sean Burak, Published February 19, 2021
What if we could create a safe path for pedestrians and cyclists from lower Hamilton to Concession Street and beautiful Sam Lawrence Park, which would cost very little to build?
Special Report: Cycling

Right-Wing Extremism is a Driving Force in Modern Conservatism

Ryan McGreal, Published February 18, 2021
Dangerous right-wing extremism has taken over the mainstream of the Republican Party - and the same dynamics are at work in Canada as well.
Special Report: Extremism

Municipalities Need to Unite against Ford's Firehose of Land Use Changes

Michelle Silverton, Published February 16, 2021
Do Hamilton City Councillors really want our taxpayers to subsidize low-density future growth which will increase pollution, car commute times, impact our emissions and pave over farmland?
Special Report

Challenging Doug Ford's Pandemic Narrative

Ryan McGreal, Published January 25, 2021
The actual facts about Ford's handling of the pandemic do not fit into the prevailing narrative of a scrappy fighter for the 'little guy'.
Special Report: COVID-19 | 1 Comment

The Year 2020 Has Been a Wakeup Call

Michael Nabert, Published December 31, 2020
If it finally gets us to take the real crises we're faced with seriously, this whole unpleasant nightmare will be worth it.
Special Report: COVID-19

The COVID-19 Marshmallow Experiment

Ryan McGreal, Published December 22, 2020
The public health experts have been pretty clear all along about what we should be doing. But really listening to them would require self-discipline and restraint - qualities of which we have not demonstrated a great abundance.
Special Report: COVID-19

All I Want for Christmas, 2020

Kevin Somers, Published December 21, 2020
I want my heart to keep ticking, my legs to keep kicking, and my heels to keep clicking.
Entertainment and Sports | 1 Comment

Hamilton Shelters Remarkably COVID-19 Free Thanks to Innovative Testing Program

Jason Allen, Published December 21, 2020
In a week of increasingly bleak news on the health care front, it is good to be able to celebrate a victory that was designed and delivered right here in Hamilton.
Special Report: COVID-19

Province Rams Through Glass Factory in Stratford

Doreen Nicoll, Published December 21, 2020
The Province used a Minister's Zoning Order, normally used for emergencies, to approve a polluting manufacturing facility over the objections of local residents.
Healing Gaia

We Can Prevent Traffic Deaths if We Make Safety a Real Priority

Ryan McGreal, Published December 08, 2020
As we reel from another incomprehensible tragedy, we must ask: how many more lives need to be sacrificed before we decide that enough is enough?
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 5 Comments

These Aren't 'Accidents', These Are Results

Tom Flood, Published December 04, 2020
Our culture's obsession with the automobile and unchecked reverence to it is killing us, our loved ones and our children, and we don't care.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 1 Comment

Conservation Conundrum

Paul Weinberg, Published December 04, 2020
Will we lose Hamilton's Conservation Authority at a time when we need it the most to get through this climate crisis?
Special Report

Defund Police Protest Threatens Fragile Ruling Class

Cameron Kroetsch, Published December 03, 2020
Peaceful protest that makes our leaders uncomfortable is where leadership happens and that's what being in public life is about.
Special Report: Anti-Racism | 2 Comments

Measuring the Potential of Biogas to Reduce GHG Emissions

John Loukidelis and Thomas Cassidy, Published November 23, 2020
Can 'green' natural gas work as a transition fuel for home heating?
Special Report: Climate Change

Ontario Squanders Early Pandemic Sacrifice

Ryan McGreal, Published November 18, 2020
The goodwill Premier Ford earned this past spring has evaporated as his government has reverted to prioritizing business interests over public health in the intervening months.
Special Report: COVID-19

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