Ending Transit Area Rating Not a Panacea

Jason Allen, Published November 09, 2018
Eliminating area rating has a role to play in in increasing funding for transit in Hamilton, but it is by no means the only solution to expanding transit to the suburbs.
Special Report: Transit | 3 Comments

Cycling Committee Calls on Council to Make Queen and Herkimer Safer

Kevin Love, Published November 09, 2018
The Hamilton Cycling Committee just unanimously approved a resolution advising City Council to take immediate action to make the intersection of Queen Street South and Herkimer Street safer.
Special Report: Cycling | 2 Comments

Mary's Wedding Opens Tonight

Kevin Somers, Published November 08, 2018
From a sublime script and courageous performances, to a reclaimed church in a beautiful neighbourhood, Mary's Wedding is destined to be a great trip.
Entertainment and Sports | 1 Comment

November is Woman Abuse Prevention Month in Ontario

Doreen Nicoll, Published November 06, 2018
Shine a purple light on gendered violence to make it impossible to hide.
Healing Gaia

Protect Groundwater from New Bottled Water Permits

Doreen Nicoll, Published November 02, 2018
Water is a basic human right but, with a new provincial government that believes Ontario is open for business, access to water for the common person just became that much more precarious.
Healing Gaia | 2 Comments

Anchor Institutions: 'Full Speed Ahead on Hamilton LRT'

Ryan McGreal, Published November 02, 2018
The letter calls on the City and Province to continue implementing the BLAST transit network, to complete the process to select a bidder that will build and operate the system, and to prioritize approval of the operating agreement.
Special Report: Light Rail | 2 Comments

How Right-Wing Radicals are Gaslighting Liberal Democracy

Ryan McGreal, Published October 31, 2018
We have the power to save ourselves, but only if we wake up and notice that the house is on fire before we are consumed by it.
Politics | 6 Comments

Basic Income Cancellation is Both Cruel and Irrational

Tom Cooper, Published October 29, 2018
Premier Ford says the way out of poverty is "something called a job", but 70 percent of Basic Income participants already had jobs and were still living in poverty.
Commentary | 1 Comment

Local Media Trying to Frame Election Result as Urban vs. Suburban

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published October 26, 2018
The real message from the data is that Eisenberger won in almost every ward in the city, not just "central Hamilton". Vito Sgro's one issue anti-LRT campaign lost almost everywhere.
Municipal Election 2018 | 4 Comments

Eisenberger Won 189 out of 222 Polls

Ryan McGreal, Published October 26, 2018
Countering the narrative that the election result represents some kind of urban/suburban divide, the poll-by-poll results show that Fred Eisenberger won 85 percent of the polls across the entire city.
Municipal Election 2018

Eisenberger Won 13 out of 15 Wards

Ryan McGreal, Published October 26, 2018
Eisenberger's support was citywide. In addition to the lower city, Eisenberger also won the mountain wards, Stoney Creek overall, Ancaster, Dundas and Glanbrook.
Municipal Election 2018 | 9 Comments

Notes From a Campaign: On Precarity, Politics, and Breaking Down Barriers

Sophie Geffros, Published October 25, 2018
Defeating systemic hate and indifferent cruelty takes long-term, grassroots organizing that cannot be contained to elections. It takes people mobilizing together to hold power to account.
Municipal Election 2018 | 3 Comments

St Paul's Anglican Church, Middleport at 150: Who was the Architect?

Malcolm Thurlby, Published October 25, 2018
With careful analysis of several details of the church, it is possible to make a good case for an attribution to John Turner (1807-1887).
Architecture | 1 Comment

Giving Thanks and Setting Course

Maureen Wilson, Published October 25, 2018
Ward 1 Councillor-elect Maureen Wilson reflects on the municipal election and her mandate for ward 1 and the city.
Municipal Election 2018 | 4 Comments

How to Make Queen Street Safer

Kevin Love, Published October 25, 2018
We could have saved the life of Herman Ohrt by applying the Hierarchy of Controls to the design of our transportation system.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 3 Comments

Election Results Tell Us What Voters Want

Alex Bishop, Published October 25, 2018
I am hopeful that we will see leaders emerge in this team of elected officials, who will work together to create a city that is better because of decisions those at City Hall make - not in spite of them.
Municipal Election 2018 | 1 Comment

Eisenberger Re-Elected Decisively in 'LRT Referendum' Election

Ryan McGreal, Published October 23, 2018
LRT opponents insisted this election was a referendum on the project. Now it's time to put the never-ending debate to bed and get the shovels into the ground.
Municipal Election 2018 | 20 Comments

On Monday, Vote #yesLRT

RTH Staff, Published October 20, 2018
There is only one way to stop the anti-LRT gang from derailing the biggest public infrastructure investment in the city's history.
Municipal Election 2018 | 5 Comments

With Love from Ottawa: Lessons on Challenges of Upgrading BRT to LRT

Fraser Pollock, Published October 19, 2018
One of the key issues with BRT is that you are forced to spend a lot more money to continuously upgrade the BRT right of way as passenger levels grow.
Special Report: Light Rail | 3 Comments

Uninspired, Unspecific and Uninformed: Vito Sgro's Mayoral Platform

Adrian Duyzer, Published October 15, 2018
Every serious mayoral candidate must put forward a detailed and thoughtful outline of their ideas, plans and objectives. By this measure, Vito Sgro's platform is woefully inadequate.
Municipal Election 2018 | 6 Comments

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