Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Doreen Nicoll, Published May 23, 2019
Weeds are simply flowering plants growing where they're not wanted. Many are not only beautiful to look at, but also delicious to eat.
Healing Gaia

Right-Wing Populists are Immune to Hypocrisy

Ryan McGreal, Published May 23, 2019
Pointing out the hypocrisy of right-wing populists and their supporters misses the movement's central premise.
Politics | 1 Comment

A Guide to Menstruation for the Uncomfortable

Lonita Fraser, Published May 19, 2019
A person's ability to be prepared for anything, even something as ubiquitous as a woman's cycle, is predicated entirely on having a stable place to live and a decent income.
Commentary | 1 Comment

With Climate Action, the Middle Ground Between Success and Failure is Failure

Ryan McGreal, Published May 17, 2019
We need a massive, comprehensive, all-hands-on-deck mobilization of our entire country to transition rapidly and decisively to a decarbonized economy if we have any hope of saving the planet for our children and grandchildren.
Special Report: Climate Change | 9 Comments

nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up

Doreen Nicoll, Published May 16, 2019
This film should be shown in high school civics, law and history classes across the country to eradicate the belief that First Nations peoples are disposable.
Healing Gaia

Addressing the Twin Crises of Global Warming and Neoliberalism

Ryan McGreal, Published May 10, 2019
A Green New Deal offers a blueprint for a rapid transition to a sustainable economy that brings everyone along, delivering more prosperity to Canadians and guaranteeing that no workers will be left behind in the transition.
Special Report: Climate Change | 7 Comments

Speaking Notes from my Magill-Pearl-Kent Greenway Jane's Walk

Ryan McGreal, Published May 06, 2019
On Saturday, May 4, I led a Jane's Walk along the proposed route of a new neighbourhood greenway that may be coming to Hamilton next year.
Special Report: Cycling | 1 Comment

Two Jane's Rides in 2019: Downtown to General Hospital and Durand to Kirkendall by Alley

Kevin Love, Published May 02, 2019
On May 4 and 5, Kevin Love will be leading Jane's Rides that explore how to use Hamilton's network of alleys to travel around the city.
Special Report: Cycling | 1 Comment

16 Ways to Spend Your Carbon Tax Dividend

Jen Dawson, Published May 01, 2019
You're getting climate cash. Here are 16 ways you could invest it to reduce your emissions and save more money.
Special Report: Climate Change | 6 Comments

Hamilton Declares Climate Emergency

Ian Borsuk, Published April 24, 2019
Hamilton City Council recently declared a climate emergency. This is what the declaration means for the city and its residents.
Special Report: Climate Change

Corporate Tax Cuts Only Benefit Corporations

Michael Nabert, Published April 24, 2019
When corporations pay less tax, regular citizens are forced to pay more tax - and the government is forced to cut essential programs.

After 30 Wasted Years, the Climate Emergency Demands Drastic Action

Ryan McGreal, Published April 24, 2019
We have known about the climate emergency for the past 30 years and did nothing, cowed by a fossil fuel industry more interested in profit than human survival. Now it's too late to play nice if we want a future for humanity.
Special Report: Climate Change | 29 Comments

Barton Neighbourhood is Diverse and Vibrant

Christine Nicole, Published April 23, 2019
Residents living in Barton Street neighbourhoods are already familiar with the opinions and prejudices of people living elsewhere in the city.
Commentary | 1 Comment

Documenting a Theory of Assholes

Doreen Nicoll, Published April 22, 2019
A new documentary film by John Walker unpacks the thesis of the book Assholes: A Theory by Aaron James.
Healing Gaia

Representation, Policing and Lived Experience

Lyla Miklos, Published April 22, 2019
If we want to stop reinforcing oppressive systems in the City of Hamilton that continually bar access to members of marginalized communities, we need to seriously rethink how our Municipal Government makes these kinds of decisions.

Ontario Community Joins Global Resistance to Water Privatization

Doreen Nicoll, Published April 09, 2019
From Vittel, France to São Lourenco, Brazil and Wellington County, Ontario, grassroots organizations are working together to stand up against efforts by Nestlé to privatize their access to water.
Healing Gaia

My Experience with Ontario's Basic Income Pilot

James Collura, Published April 09, 2019
Having a Basic Income helped me transition into a far more meaningful and fulfilling field of work. This is a massive opportunity that something like BI could provide for all citizens.

The Act and Art of Writing

Margaret Lindsay Holton, Published March 22, 2019
Listen to the 35-minute talk by Margaret Lindsay Holton.
Events | 1 Comment

What All the Fuss is About: James Street Baptist Church, Round 2

Cameron Kroetsch, Published March 05, 2019
The minor variance process has become a political tool that developers can use to go around the community, and even the City's bylaws, in order to work out their own arrangements behind the scenes.
Special Report: Heritage | 1 Comment

Review: Company by McMaster Musical Theatre

Daniel Gariépy, Published March 05, 2019
McMaster Musical Theatre's production of "Company" features a talented cast with some very strong ensemble and solo singing.

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