Councillor's Letter to Transport Minister is Reckless Political Theatre

Ryan McGreal, Published October 21, 2016
By asking and re-asking the same ridiculous questions that have already been answered, the west mountain councillor aims to sow uncertainty, confusion and skepticism about the project as a whole.
Special Report: Light Rail | 6 Comments

McMaster Water Week 2016

Brittney Borowiec, Published October 21, 2016
McMaster Water Week is a series of events for faculty, students, and the local Hamilton community that connects all aspects of water, including climate change, industry, sustainability, and society.

Councillor Brenda Johnson Wrong to Break LRT Support Promise

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published October 19, 2016
Council already has two financial sources that it could tap to help improve local transit, and I look forward to Councillor Johnson championing these among her colleagues.
Special Report: Light Rail | 9 Comments

Parliament Votes on Election Candidate Gender Equity Bill

Doreen Nicoll, Published October 19, 2016
Bill C-237 will be voted on today. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called on his government to vote against adopting Kennedy Stewart's private member's bill.
Healing Gaia

Councillor Brenda Johnson's LRT Opposition is Absurd

Ryan McGreal, Published October 19, 2016
Is the former environmental project manager seriously prepared to reject a billion-dollar investment in electric rapid transit because the City and Province are on schedule with their negotiations?
Special Report: Light Rail | 3 Comments

Hamilton Needs to Up its Tree Canopy Game

Jason Leach, Published October 19, 2016
How many more opportunities are we going to miss before we start taking these essential quality of life issues seriously?
Special Report: Urban Forest | 3 Comments

Salvage a Pavillion at Parkside

Shannon Kyles, Published October 18, 2016
That Parkside School in Dundas is being torn down is frankly ridiculous. At least we may be able to save that magnificent front entrance as a shelter for future generations.
Special Report: Heritage | 1 Comment

Eyes on the Street: Permanent Bumpout Completed at Locke and Herkimer

Kevin Love, Published October 18, 2016
This is the successful end of a long and hard fight for a safer intersection.
Eyes on the Street | 4 Comments

Support Bill to Give Domestic Violence Victims Time Off Work

Doreen Nicoll, Published October 18, 2016
Every member of the provincial legislature should vote in favour of Bill 26 because it moves women in Ontario closer to the goal of being able to live without the fear of violence.
Healing Gaia

World Food Day: Climate is Changing

Doreen Nicoll, Published October 14, 2016
World Food Day is a stark reminder that simply producing more food, or wasting less of what we produce, will never get food into the mouths and bellies of those who desperately need it yet can't afford to grow or buy it.
Healing Gaia

How Best to Seize the Light Rail Opportunity

Chris Higgins, Published October 13, 2016
Hamilton has the unique opportunity of implementing a fully-funded LRT before the city is mired in gridlock – an opportunity many cities could only dream of.
Special Report: Light Rail | 5 Comments

Hamilton Cannot Afford to Delay Light Rail Implementation

Craig Burley, Published October 13, 2016
We need economic relief, economic development, and jobs now. Not in a year's time, not in three years' time, not in five years' time, and certainly not when the city finds itself able to begin self-funding the rapid transit network, which is likely to be
Special Report: Light Rail

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