The Act and Art of Writing

Margaret Lindsay Holton, Published March 22, 2019
Listen to the 35-minute talk by Margaret Lindsay Holton.
Events | 3 Comments

What All the Fuss is About: James Street Baptist Church, Round 2

Cameron Kroetsch, Published March 05, 2019
The minor variance process has become a political tool that developers can use to go around the community, and even the City's bylaws, in order to work out their own arrangements behind the scenes.
Special Report: Heritage | 3 Comments

Review: Company by McMaster Musical Theatre

Daniel Gariépy, Published March 05, 2019
McMaster Musical Theatre's production of "Company" features a talented cast with some very strong ensemble and solo singing.


Kevin Somers, Published March 05, 2019
The people at McMaster Children's Hospital are saving one child at a time and we don't know what the impacts will be. Lilly might save the world.
Commentary | 1 Comment

Right-Wing Politicians Are Encouraging Stochastic Terrorism

Ryan McGreal, Published February 22, 2019
Instead of helping to stem the tide of hatred, Canada's Conservative leadership at all levels is actually enabling and pandering to it.
Politics | 4 Comments

Reactionary Councillors Block Electoral Reform Effort ... Again

Nick Tsergas, Published February 18, 2019
This month, Hamilton could have taken the first step toward making Election Reform a reality in Hamilton. It didn't. Here's why.
Commentary | 2 Comments

Merulla: Notice of Motion to Address Area Rating for Transit

Ryan McGreal, Published February 15, 2019
The motion would direct staff to report back on addressing area rating for transit in a way that will "align with the overall city Transit strategy."
Special Report: Transit | 5 Comments

Include New Councillors in City Manager Recruitment Committee

Shahzi Bokhari, Published February 13, 2019
We need a City Manager who has empathy, who has first-hand experience of the issues residents face in Hamilton. We need a City Manager who supports marginalized folks and experiences.
Special Report: City Manager

Denying Citizen Access to Public Meeting Violates Democratic Rights

Deanna Allain, Published February 11, 2019
Council's City Manager Recruitment Committee has violated the Municipal Act and the Procedural By-Law by refusing to allow its public meeting to be attended by the public.
Special Report: City Manager | 1 Comment

Ask the Ontario Ombudsman to Investigate Committee Meeting in Niagara

Craig Burley, Published February 10, 2019
Council members held a "public" meeting early Saturday morning at a resort 66 km away from Hamilton and refused to let the public or reporters attend.
Special Report: City Manager | 1 Comment

Citizens Demand Transparency in City Manager Hiring Process

Deanna Allain, Published February 09, 2019
The City of Hamilton Won't Let us Speak at the City Manager Recruitment Meeting. We're Going Anyway.
Special Report: City Manager | 1 Comment

We Deserve to Know the Truth About the Buried Red Hill Parkway Report

Ryan McGreal, Published February 07, 2019
A consultant report finding that the pavement is too slippery was buried for five years before staff revealed it yesterday.
Commentary | 4 Comments

What's at Stake in the City Manager Hiring Process

Cameron Kroetsch, Published January 21, 2019
The current course that Council is headed on feels just as patriarchal as it does paternalistic.
Special Report: City Manager | 1 Comment

Innovation Will Not Solve Climate Change

John Loukidelis, Published January 14, 2019
Thanks to incentives protecting the status quo, market "innovation", far from helping us with climate change, has made it worse.
Special Report: Climate Change | 2 Comments

Livable Lanes: Laneway Housing in Hamilton

Emma Cubitt, Published January 10, 2019
Laneway housing in Hamilton will create more housing options for people that are drawn to our city's older neighbourhoods. It allows new housing to incrementally utilize existing urban infrastructure.
Special Report | 3 Comments

Burlington's Municipal Election Was Not a NIMBY Revolution

Roland Tanner, Published January 09, 2019
High-density cities built without resident input and careful engagement, and which overwhelm already successful urban environments with buildings residents hate, will repeat the mistakes of urban planners from the urban renewal era.
Opinion | 2 Comments

Book Review: The Fruitful City by Helena Moncrieff

Jason Allen, Published January 09, 2019
Central to this lively book is the notion that we are literally surrounded by fruit in our cities, and yet nobody has any idea what to do with it.
Reviews | 1 Comment

2019 Wish List: Reinstate the Basic Income Pilot

Doreen Nicoll, Published December 31, 2018
With precarious employment the norm these days, social safety nets like BI provide the financial stability parents need to plan for the future and to raise their children out of poverty.
Healing Gaia

City Must Restore Bicycle Lanes to Locke Street Reconstruction Plan

Kevin Love, Published December 27, 2018
Since this $4.4 million project is a 'once-in-a-generation' complete rebuild, right now is the time to make sure that Locke Street becomes a destination that people can easily and safely get to.
Special Report: Cycling | 1 Comment

New Unprotected Bike Lanes on Gage North of Dunsmure

Kevin Love, Published December 13, 2018
There is a very serious safety issue with the bicycle lane being obstructed by the door zone of adjacent parked cars.
Special Report: Cycling | 6 Comments

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