The Promised Land: Steinbeck Through Song

Doreen Nicoll, Published July 20, 2019
Promised Land takes audiences on a journey across America, utilizing novelist John Steinbeck's artistic and personal musings on the struggle to realize the American dream.
Healing Gaia

International Shows at Hamilton Fringe Festival

Brian Morton, Published July 19, 2019
Several shows playing at this year's Hamilton Fringe Festival are international in origin.
Arts and Music

Safe, Welcoming Space at Neighbour to Neighbour

Jason Allen, Published July 19, 2019
If you're looking to be an ally to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, supporting the work of Neighbour to Neighbour may be a good place to start.

We Can't Move Forward Without Dialogue

Nicole Smith, Published July 19, 2019
The community crisis over rising fascism can be addressed by meeting with the Mayor, councillors, police representatives, and other key people who can work together on a plan of action.
Opinion | 6 Comments

Un/Tied Shoes: Expressing Identity Outside the Mainstream

Doreen Nicoll, Published July 19, 2019
Society has grown more accepting of trans and non-binary people, but the issues they face are still often neglected or misunderstood.
Healing Gaia | 1 Comment

Public Art has Public Benefits

Dawn Cattapan, Published July 11, 2019
Public art events like Concrete Canvas can lead to a multitude of benefits for Hamilton. However, it requires aligned policy and investment for the impact to be long-lasting.
Arts and Music | 1 Comment

Hamilton's Escalating Fascism Fiasco: A Timeline

Chris Farias, Published July 05, 2019
Everything has been happening so fast, it is difficult to stay on top of what has been going on with respect to Pride, fascism and the political response in Hamilton.
Special Report: Extremism | 2 Comments

Save Our Services: Finding a New Home for Wesley Day Centre

Nicole Smith, Published July 05, 2019
We need to continue struggling for what is right for our whole community and ensure we take care of our most vulnerable.

Hamilton Is Not a Safe Space

Myke Hutchings, Published June 27, 2019
Those who remain complacent in the face of hatred and violence show their tacit approval of the status quo. Period.
Special Report: Extremism | 2 Comments

Take Time to Learn About Indigenous Culture

Doreen Nicoll, Published June 27, 2019
This year I encourage Canadians to spend the next 17 days exploring and understanding Indigenous life in Canada.
Healing Gaia

The Climate Crisis and the Canadian Federal Election

Michael Nabert, Published June 27, 2019
What's in an emergency? Some bleak thoughts on staring down the last meaningful climate election.
Special Report: Climate Change | 53 Comments

Whitehead Concern Trolling Aberdeen Traffic Calming Recommendations

Ryan McGreal, Published June 26, 2019
Will Ward 14 Councillor Terry Whitehead ever stop being wrong about what makes our city streets safe and functional for everyone?
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 13 Comments

Naloxone Kit Can Save a Life

William Guyatt, Published June 26, 2019
Overdose emergencies can happen anywhere. Having a Naloxone kit on hand might just save someone's life.

Mayor's Response to Pride Day Violence is Disturbing

Graham Crawford, Published June 25, 2019
We need a Mayor who is a tireless, vocal, and thoughtful fighter for those who need and deserve support when it matters most.
Special Report: Extremism | 1 Comment

Ward 3 School Board Trustee Appointment Needed More Public Engagement

Larry Pattison, Published June 25, 2019
Although there have been many wonderful articles about the death of Ward 3 Trustee Chris Parkinson this past May, the airwaves have been silent since HWDSB Trustees voted to appoint the first runner-up to replace him.
Special Report: Education

Hatred and Extremism Wear Yellow Vests in Hamilton

Paul Glendenning, Published June 25, 2019
Disguising hate speech by calling it free speech, they seek to legitimize their harmful rhetoric and end any attempt to curb their prejudices.
Special Report: Extremism | 5 Comments

Hamilton's Pride Flag is a False Promise of Safety

Dakota Lanktree, Published June 24, 2019
Hearing our Chief of Police on the radio outright say that their response time (it was more than a half an hour to walk across the park) was directly because they felt unwelcome at Pride is a slap in the face to the Trans* and Queer community.
Special Report: Extremism

Toward an Urban Forest Strategy for Hamilton

Jason Allen, Published June 20, 2019
The City is currently undertaking the development of an strategy to measure, protect and expand the city's urban forest.
Special Report: Urban Forest | 2 Comments

Take Action This Week to Save Wesley Day Centre

Nicole Smith, Published June 19, 2019
There are a number of practical ways you can help advocate to save the Wesley Day Centre and establish a permanent safe injection site over the coming week, starting today.

Hamilton Stands for Inclusivity

Hugh Tye, Published June 19, 2019
We call on the City of Hamilton to implement a zero-tolerance policy towards the extremist actions of hate groups.
Commentary | 5 Comments

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