Celebrate Cycling in Hamilton with Bike to Work Day

Alex Ricci, Published May 23, 2017
This year's Bike to Work (and School) Day celebration is taking place on Monday, May 19, 7-9 AM at the Hamilton City Hall forecourt, 71 Main Street West.


Timothy R. Trebilcock, Published May 23, 2017
As in other places I've visited, I am given a temporary pass because of my status as an outsider.

Criticism is Essential but False Fact Claims Don't Help

Ryan McGreal, Published May 15, 2017
Thoughtful criticism is essential for good public policy and the newspaper is absolutely right to publish a variety of arguments looking at any given issue from different perspectives.
Media | 12 Comments

End the Vacant Unit Tax Rebate

John Neary, Published May 11, 2017
The purported benefit of vacancy tax breaks for businesses is a mirage, but the harms to residents, homeowners, and legitimate businesses are very real.
Commentary | 6 Comments

Aabiziingwashi: Wide Awake to the Power of Indigenous Cinema

Doreen Nicoll, Published May 10, 2017
Stories told by First Nations, Metis and Inuit filmmakers from across the country are guaranteed to change your view of Canada's colonial history forever.
Healing Gaia

An Open Letter to MP Filomena Tassi Regarding Her Hamilton Colleague

Richard Gelder, Published May 10, 2017
As a federal Member of Parliament, Bob Bratina should not be sowing discord in the community he purportedly represents.
Special Report: Light Rail | 11 Comments

Canadian Orpheus Male Choir 40th Annual Concert

Mackenzie Kristjon Jenkyns, Published May 08, 2017
Through the years, the COMC has been known in the community as the "men who love to sing," performing numerous concerts around the area every year and occasionally touring internationally.

Review: Sunset Blvd. The Musical

Daniel GariƩpy, Published May 08, 2017
All in all, an engaging evening of theatre with clever scenic design, lighting and beautiful costumes enhancing the music and song.

Hamilton Spectator Should Fact-Check Op-Ed Submissions

Ryan McGreal, Published May 04, 2017
Anyone who is unwilling to ensure that the fact claims they make are actually true doesn't deserve to be published in a newspaper in the first place.
Media | 17 Comments

Eyes on the Street: Wear-and-Tear on Hamilton Bike Share Bike 037

Kevin Love, Published May 02, 2017
It is truly amazing that the SoBi system has been such a fantastic success that the bikes are starting to wear out.
Eyes on the Street | 6 Comments

Apply for the Hamilton Monarch Awards

Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko, Published May 01, 2017
The Awards are intended to recognize Hamilton gardeners for their contribution to a to a bio-diverse, sustainable environment.

For The Record: A Hamilton Councillor Replies to a Waterloo Columnist

Matthew Green, Published May 01, 2017
Ward 3 Councillor Green responds to Waterloo Record columnist Luisa D'Amato, who took issued with a Hamilton Councillor's characterization of Waterloo's LRT system.
Commentary | 4 Comments

Introducing the Friendly Streets Hamilton Project

Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko, Published May 01, 2017
This year-long pilot project explores innovative ways to involve residents of all backgrounds, abilities and age groups in assessing current challenges and barriers to active transportation and re-imagining neighbourhood streets for people.

McMaster University Seeks Community Campus Partnerships

Dave Heidebrecht, Published May 01, 2017
Whether you want to partner on a research project, host a student placement, or identify volunteer opportunities, we'd love to hear from you and have you join us to co-develop ideas and strategies for improving our community.

A Proposal for Local GO Train Service East of Hunter

Kevin Love, Published May 01, 2017
A proposal to use the old TH&B line to provide local transit service, similar to Toronto's SmartTrack, between Hunter Station and Centennial Parkway.
Special Report: Transit | 9 Comments

Looking at the Whole Board: Moving Hamilton Beyond Wedge Politics

Maureen Wilson, Published April 28, 2017
Successful cities are transformative but they need investments of all kinds, including our time, our energy and our best efforts. But most of all, they need us to believe in the possible.
Special Report: Creative City | 20 Comments

Pedestrian Plazas Returned to Pedestrians at Hunter Street GO Station

Kevin Love, Published April 28, 2017
The pedestrian plazas in front of Hunter GO Station were being used for transit security parking but have now been restored for use by people on foot and bikes.
Eyes on the Street | 18 Comments

Letter from Transport Minister Confirming LRT to Eastgate

Ryan McGreal, Published April 28, 2017
Minister Steven Del Duca sent Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger a letter on April 26 confirming that the Province will extend LRT to Eastgate, contingent on Council support and available funding.
Special Report: Light Rail | 2 Comments

Council Takes a Leap of Faith and Reaffirms Support for LRT

Ryan McGreal, Published April 27, 2017
After months of turmoil and dysfunction, Council made history last night by voting to move the city's Light Rail Transit forward with a Provincial commitment to extend the line to Eastgate.
Special Report: Light Rail | 17 Comments

LRT Environmental Project Report Answers a Lot of Council's Questions

Craig Burley, Published April 26, 2017
Council has already agreed, contractually, with Metrolinx to forward the Environmental Project Report Addendum in order to seek Environment Ministry approval for the LRT plan.
Special Report: Light Rail | 3 Comments

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