Things You Can Do to Flatten the Curve

Ryan McGreal, Published March 20, 2020
There are two essential ways you can help slow the transmission of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 through the community: personal sanitation and social distancing.
Special Report: COVID-19 | 1 Comment

Reflections on a Pandemic: Where We Are and What It Means

Ryan McGreal, Published March 19, 2020
The only thing I think I can state with any confidence is that anyone who thinks things will go back to normal in a couple of weeks does not understand the gravity of the situation we're in.
Special Report: COVID-19 | 4 Comments

Doug Ford's Policies Have Been a Disaster for Ontario

Michael Nabert, Published March 18, 2020
Ford's attacks on worker protections, public health, housing affordability and disaster preparedness left Ontario less equipped to respond to a public health emergency like COVID-19.
Special Report: COVID-19

Light Rail Transit in Hamilton: The Story so Far

Ryan McGreal, Published March 13, 2020
Adapted from notes for a recent talk.
Special Report: Light Rail

Sovereign Soil

Doreen Nicoll, Published March 13, 2020
Sovereign Soil looks at life and death, seasonal cycles, notions of time, and how people are living custodially, in relative equilibrium with nature.
Healing Gaia

Try This if You Don't Think Our Politics Have Shifted to the Right

Ryan McGreal, Published March 09, 2020
None of the public services we rely on and take for granted would stand a chance of being implemented in our current political climate if they didn't already exist.
Politics | 2 Comments

Safe Crossing Needed on King at Bernie Morellie Recreation Centre

Edward Harris, Published March 06, 2020
Unfortunately, our city has been prioritized for motor vehicle travel and we lack many of the needed safety measures to create a safe and sustainable community.
Special Report: Walkable Streets

Urban Renewal, Then and Now: LRT and the Rental Housing Crisis, Part 2

Shawn Selway, Published March 06, 2020
Almost nobody but tenants in rental housing and the homeless in their camps actually feels the need for their right to housing to be met - affordable, secure, adequately sized and located housing, that is.

Time to Turn? LRT and the Rental Housing Crisis, Part 1

Shawn Selway, Published March 05, 2020
Municipal strategies which exacerbate the housing affordability problem today look less like indifference and more like active hostility, as pointless as it is cruel.

Public Health Cuts are a Deadly False Economy

Ryan McGreal, Published March 04, 2020
If you don't think you need Public Health, that's because it's working. A political leader or party that doesn't understand this is by definition unqualified to lead the government.
Special Report: COVID-19 | 3 Comments

The Whale and The Raven

Doreen Nicoll, Published March 04, 2020
Mirjam Leuze's hauntingly beautiful documentary illuminates the divergent interests and issues that unite Kitimat, BC and the whales that thrive in its fjords.
Healing Gaia | 1 Comment

Ford's Education Cuts Impacting Supply Teachers

Doreen Nicoll, Published February 07, 2020
Normally, occasional teachers would eventually move into long-term occasional positions before being considered for a permanent contract. But that's not happening any more.
Healing Gaia | 12 Comments

Glaring Shortcomings in Anti-LRT Op-Ed Recommending E-Bus Fleet

John Loukidelis, Published February 02, 2020
A dense city, served by a first-rate transit system, is an essential part of any attempt to tackle GHG emissions. The LRT was meant to move the city in that direction.
Special Report: Climate Change | 1 Comment

Art Gallery of Hamilton: 2020 AGH Film Series

Doreen Nicoll, Published February 02, 2020
The Art Gallery of Hamilton Film Series runs on select Wednesdays and Thursdays until May.
Healing Gaia

Yet Another Anti-LRT Op-Ed Based on False Claims

Sean Hurley, Published February 02, 2020
The proposal to replace Hamilton's transit fleet with electric buses would consume the proposed $1 billion in provincial capital without adding a single route, bus stop or passenger and would cost more to operate.
Special Report: Light Rail

Voice Your Support for Connecting the Hunter Street Cycling Gap

Jay Krause and Chelsea Cox, Published January 15, 2020
Making it easier and safer for people to cycle to transit is a key part of reducing costly traffic congestion and addressing the climate emergency.
Special Report: Cycling

Who Changed the Total for Hamilton's LRT Project Cost?

Ryan McGreal, Published January 14, 2020
The third-party cost summary actually finds Hamilton's LRT fits within the Treasury Board-approved 30-year budget.
Special Report: Light Rail | 2 Comments

Yes, You Can Shop on a Bike

Ryan McGreal, Published January 14, 2020
Being an effective City Councillor requires humility to recognize you don't know everything, openness to others' lived experience, imagination to see possible alternative futures, and compassion for people who aren't exactly like you.
Special Report: Cycling | 8 Comments

Making Light of Service Animals Hurts People Who Really Need Accommodations

Carolyn Boutin, Published January 14, 2020
Mayor Eisenberger needs to lead in a way in which he considers how his actions affect Hamiltonians, not just his own interests.

Mulroney's Hamilton LRT Numbers Just Don't Add Up

Ryan McGreal, Published January 07, 2020
None of the detailed numbers in the Minister's six-page LRT cost breakdown add up to the totals.
Special Report: Light Rail | 1 Comment

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