Easy Improvement for Cycling Connection from Cannon to York

Ryan McGreal, Published April 29, 2016
A bike box on Cannon at Hess would be an easy, inexpensive change that would significantly improve the westbound connectivity for cyclists transitioning from Cannon to York.
Special Report: Cycling | 8 Comments

Hidden Hamilton: Stinson Reclaims Abandoned Mini-Putt Course

Ben Babcock, Published April 29, 2016
Mini-putt course just off the Escarpment Rail Trail east of Victoria is being restored to a community asset.
City Life | 11 Comments

West Harbour Pier 7 and 8 Urban Design Calls for 110,000 sq. ft. of New Residential

Joey Coleman, Published April 27, 2016
New report is the result of years of planning and a lengthy series of public meetings on the future of these valuable lands.
Special Report | 14 Comments

LRT Design Goes Public Today

Ryan McGreal, Published April 27, 2016
Today, the City will publish an information report detailing the alignment and design of the Hamilton light rail transit lines.
Special Report: Light Rail | 62 Comments

Highway 403 Interchange No Barrier to Main Street Two-Way Conversion

Ryan McGreal, Published April 26, 2016
Having the highway exits meet Main at intersections rather than on-ramps would allow two-way traffic on Main and also de-velocitize drivers coming off the highway.
Special Report: Light Rail | 38 Comments

Shared Assets at Stake in Gore Building Demolition

Ned Nolan, Published April 25, 2016
The purpose of the Ontario Heritage Act is to bridge the gap between the public interest and a property owner without vision, who is driven to destroy for short-term gain.
Special Report: Heritage | 20 Comments

Stills in Motion: Caribbean Dream

Dave Harrison, Published April 25, 2016
Taken during a vacation in Barbados.
Stills in Motion

Transportation Staff Thrown Under Bus for Doing their Jobs

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published April 25, 2016
It is well-known that the City has a problem with staff morale and, given this episode, it is easy to see why.
Special Report: Cycling | 21 Comments

Safe Cycling Not a Priority for West Mountain Councillor

Jill McKenzie, Published April 25, 2016
While the Minister of Transportation believes cycling is healthy, in Hamilton it remains a dangerous, unsupported method of travel.
Special Report: Cycling | 15 Comments

Storyless Suburbs? A Case Study of the Urbanization of Ancaster's Meadowlands

Jeremy Parsons, Published April 22, 2016
Understanding the suburban story can help bridge some of the gap between the seemingly disparate city visions of urbanites and suburbanites.
Suburban Bureau | 5 Comments

Province Announces $295K Funding for Bay Street Cycling Facility

Ryan McGreal, Published April 21, 2016
The Ontario Government is providing up to half the cost of a new two-way facility on Bay between Aberdeen and Strachan.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 46 Comments

Stills in Motion: CN Tracks

Dave Harrison, Published April 21, 2016
Someday the city's train tracks may return to their glory days.
Stills in Motion | 4 Comments

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