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Hamilton Hit With Freezing Rain
Thousands of Hamiltonians were without power after a ten-hour winter storm with freezing rain, fallen branches and downed hydro lines.
by Isabella Lopes
Published December 02, 2019 in Local News (0 comments)

Police Link Locke Riot to Anarchist Bookfair
Hamilton Police say they have evidence linking the riot last Saturday night to the event at Westdale Secondary School.
by Ryan McGreal
Published March 06, 2018 in Local News (1 comment)

Gang of Vandals Attacks Locke Street
30 black-clad, masked vandals smashed windows and lit firecrackers in a path of property destruction down Locke Street.
by Ryan McGreal
Published March 05, 2018 in Local News (5 comments)

Waterfront Trail Has Re-Opened
Hamiltonians can once again use the Waterfront Trail between Bayfront Park and Princess Point again after three and a half months of closure.
by Ryan McGreal
Published August 21, 2017 in Local News (0 comments)

Uber Ridesharing Service Launching Today in Hamilton
The fast-growing upstart taxi service launches in Hamilton today at 2:00 PM, despite a Council warning that it will charge Uber with violating the City's taxi regulations.
by Ryan McGreal
Published July 23, 2015 in Local News (19 comments)

Embracing Our Hero
The woman whose son was abducted from EK has released this emotional statement of gratitude.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published October 31, 2014 in Local News (5 comments)

Abduction Attempt Sends Shockwaves Through Earl Kitchener Community
Yesterday's snatching of a child from a playground is being dubbed an "attempted abduction", but it was essentially a successful abduction, followed by a fortuitous rescue a few minutes later.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published October 24, 2014 in Local News (39 comments)

Supercrawl Funding Splits Council
Councillors were split evenly along urban/suburban lines for yesterday's Supercrawl funding request.
by Michael Black
Published March 08, 2013 in Local News (53 comments)

Merulla Wants Grassroots Approach to City Motor Hotel Redevelopment
Councillor Sam Merulla wants to engage the community in a grassroots design effort to redevelop the site of the City Motor Hotel into a diverse, mixed-use, mixed-income project.
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 22, 2013 in Local News (19 comments)

Hamilton Groundhog Day Storm Coverage
Raise The Hammer will provide live coverage of the upcoming winter storm in Hamilton.
by Joey Coleman
Published February 01, 2011 in Local News (38 comments)

Live Coverage of December 7 Council Meeting
Joey Coleman provides live coverage of the December 7, 2010 City Council meeting, starting at 2:00 PM.
by Joey Coleman
Published December 07, 2010 in Local News (4 comments)

No Crepes on Locke?
A local business owner on Locke Street plans to expand his business, but some neighbouring residents are concerned.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published June 16, 2006 in Local News (11 comments)

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