Articles from July, 2012

Review: Detours by Thought Beneath Film
Detours is a welcome and encouraging milestone for a band that aims to say something important in a musical language of catchy hooks, warm vocals and thick, gutsy rhythm.
by Ryan McGreal
Published July 27, 2012 in Reviews (4 comments)

G.S. Dunn Mustard Mill Changes Hands
G.S. Dunn, the world's largest dry mustard miller, has been sold to Parrish & Heimbecker in a hostile takerover.
by Eric McGuinness
Published July 20, 2012 in Downtown Bureau (8 comments)

Review: Celebration Rock by Japandroids
Over these eight tracks, the boys stay true to the mythical spirit of rock: simple, loud, yet unforgettable songs that glamourize the vitality of youth.
by Michael Borrelli
Published July 18, 2012 in Reviews (1 comment)

Gore Park Promenade: Glimpse of a Real City Square
Head downtown for the rest of the summer and enjoy the Gore as it should be: a vibrant, fun heartbeat for our city.
by Jason Leach
Published July 12, 2012 in Downtown Bureau (51 comments)

Hamilton General Issues Committee Livestream
Livestream of today's General Issues Committee meeting in Hamilton, starting at 9:30 AM.
by Joey Coleman
Published July 09, 2012 in Feature (10 comments)

New Building a Milestone in James North Revitalization
If a proposed new building on a vacant lot at James and Vine goes ahead, it will mark an important milestone in the ongoing revitalization of James North.
by Ryan McGreal
Published July 05, 2012 in Downtown Bureau (48 comments)

Supermarket Debate Shows Council Unwillingness to Follow Vision
When it comes time to implement plans that will actually achieve Council-mandated revitalization targets, Councillors can't muster up the courage to act.
by Ryan McGreal
Published July 04, 2012 in Downtown Bureau (61 comments)

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