Articles from May, 2010

East Mountain Residents Painted as NIMBYs
For reasons of health, safety, and the environment, East Mountain residents want trucks off Kenilworth Access. City staff think the residents are really motivated by property values.
by John Neary
Published May 31, 2010 in Special Report: Truck Routes (23 comments)

On Preparing to Run for Council (One Day)
I want to run for city council. But first, I need to study the arena, develop platform points of my own, and try to make a difference in my community.
by Chris Erl
Published May 31, 2010 in Opinion (3 comments)

York Renovation Starts Today
The City starts work today on the York Blvd Streetscape Master Plan.
by RTH Staff
Published May 31, 2010 in Downtown Bureau (54 comments)

City Hall Reno Photo Tour
Despite poor decision making during the renovation, I must admit that I felt a sense of pride walking back into this fabulous building.
by Jason Leach
Published May 29, 2010 in Special Report: City Hall (25 comments)

Open Letter to Council: Rethink the Truck Route Master Plan Study
Will the city's decision on Truck Routes help make Hamilton the best place to raise a child, or will it reveal our real priorities?
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 27, 2010 in Special Report: Truck Routes (21 comments)

The Internet is a Game Changer
The internet changes not only how the news is conveyed - digitally or on paper - but also how our perception of the news is changing altogether.
by Ramzy Baroud
Published May 27, 2010 in Commentary (10 comments)

Warning: Possibly Occupied Residence
Drivers need to behave at all times as if they fully understand the difference between themselves and pedestrians, and that someone on foot is at a distinct disadvantage in any encounter with a car.
by Michelle Martin
Published May 23, 2010 in Belonging (26 comments)

Toward a Compromise on Pan Am Stadium
If the facilitator brings enough creativity and urban sensibility to the table, he may be able to persuade the Ticats that their best interest lies in embracing the logic of urban investment and making it work for them.
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 21, 2010 in Special Report: Pan Am (58 comments)

Tell Them to Truck Off
Taking the trucks off Dundurn North is a small inconvenience for truckers and a potentially life-saving victory for families who live with their faces pressed up against a minor arterial road.
by Jen Dawson
Published May 20, 2010 in Special Report: Truck Routes (56 comments)

A Tale of Two Summits
It's absolutely insane that our civic leaders have largely ignored the voices in our community who have been saying the same things for years as experts like Cunningham.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published May 20, 2010 in Special Report: Creative City (19 comments)

Tackling Poverty Together
Presentation by Terry Cooke to the Conference Board of Canada.
by Terry Cooke
Published May 18, 2010 in Commentary (60 comments)

Play Nice, Both of You!
Mayoral candidates have to demonstrate self-control and avoid impulsive anger; at the same time, newspapers have a responsibility to cover all electoral candidates, not just the 'stars'.
by Rene Gauthier
Published May 18, 2010 in Opinion (47 comments)

Say No to Liberty
Let's develop our own solution to dealing with our sludge in our own time - and not to an uninvited, unproven company's deadline.
by Julia Kollek
Published May 17, 2010 in Commentary (16 comments)

Album Review: Treats, by Sleigh Bells
Certain albums take a genre we know well and morph it into the thing we suddenly realized we always wanted it to be. Treats is such an album.
by Mark Fenton
Published May 17, 2010 in Reviews (2 comments)

Bloggers and the Boutique Generation
Mayoral candidate Mahesh Butani expands on last week's open letter to Spectator columnist Andrew Dreschel.
by Mahesh P. Butani
Published May 17, 2010 in Opinion (8 comments)

Thank You, Andrew
Mayoralty candidate Mahesh Butani takes Spectator columnist Andrew Dreschel to task for dismissing his candidacy in a single sentence in today's column.
by Mahesh P. Butani
Published May 14, 2010 in Opinion (31 comments)

Downtown Update
After a looooong delay, Jason Leach is back prowling the streets for the RTH Downtown Update.
by Jason Leach
Published May 09, 2010 in Downtown Bureau (29 comments)

Mayor: 'Full Steam Ahead' on West Harbour
Mayor Eisenberger reiterates the city's commitment to the West Harbour stadium site, arguing that the site was selected through an open process because it is the best for the community as a whole.
by RTH Staff
Published May 06, 2010 in Special Report: Pan Am (109 comments)

Government to Re-Introduce US-Style Copyright Bill
Prime Minister Harper has told his cabinet to ignore extensive public consultation on copyright reform and re-introduce a US-style bill that would curtail and criminalize fair-use rights for software and digital content.
by RTH Staff
Published May 06, 2010 in Politics (1 comment)

Nuclear Weapons and Proliferation - Are You Kidding?
Obama has called for a "world without nuclear weapons" but the world will continue to develop nuclear energy. This means that risks from accident and error - rather than terror - are the biggest threat from nuclear power.
by Andrew McKillop
Published May 04, 2010 in Commentary (2 comments)

Three Elm Street Nightmares
What sets this series apart from standard slasher flicks are the fantastical elements and trippy dream-visuals, bending the rules of what is "real". I wouldn't call them instant classics, but its distinctive flavour is probably why Freddy became a pop cul
by Albert DeSantis
Published May 03, 2010 in Reviews (0 comments)

Amid Recovery, Peak Oil Will Rear its Head Again
If we can't close the gap between rising demand and flat supply, we will spend the next several years reliving the boom-superspike-bust cycle again and again, while our indebtedness grows steadily and our median standard of living ratchets down.
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 03, 2010 in Special Report: Peak Oil (21 comments)

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