Articles from June, 2012

Dirty Water and Hot Metal: Shaking the Skyway Syndrome
Because so much has been forced on us so rapidly in the last three decades, we seem have become averse to choosing change, especially in the public realm. For all the talk of innovation, there is much resistance to real change here.
by Shawn Selway
Published June 29, 2012 in Special Report: Creative City (18 comments)

Board of Ed Building on Heritage Canada Foundation's Endangered Places List
A demolition permit has been issued for the building, and McMaster has no plans to incorporate any part of this structure into their new development on the site.
by Matt Jelly
Published June 27, 2012 in Special Report: Education (23 comments)

One-Way Streets and Two-Way Conversion in Paris
It is possible to make a one-way street like Main pedestrian-friendly, but it would involve huge cost and a major decrease in traffic capacity - and it wouldn't address the harm done to local businesses.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published June 22, 2012 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (28 comments)

The Mystery of the Missing Gridlock: Induced Demand, Generated Traffic and Misleading Models
Accurate traffic forecasting must take into account the feedback effects of spare capacity (to increase demand) and congestion (to reduce demand), as well as the broader land-use implications of roadway design.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 21, 2012 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (27 comments)

PILT Decision Highlights Property Tax Subsidies to Higher Levels of Government
There is an opportunity, in light of the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision, negotiate fair compensation for the City of Hamilton that lessens the burden on the property taxpayers of this community.
by Terry Whitehead
Published June 20, 2012 in Opinion (7 comments)

Hamilton West Harbour Concept Neighbourhood Plan
This new vision for the Barton-Tiffany area of the West Harbour is an extension and an intensification of our urban neighbourhoods comprised of small pedestrian-scaled blocks with new and reinforced connections to our downtown and waterfront.
by RTH Staff
Published June 20, 2012 in Special Report (21 comments)

One-Way Streets are Holding Hamilton Back
Until Hamilton's main east-west streets are returned to even a modicum of livability, there's really no point in talking about inviting new business or slapping up snazzy banners and calling it something-ville.
by David-James Fernandes
Published June 18, 2012 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (81 comments)

Lessons for Today from Pre-Contact Civilization at Cootes Paradise
Archaeologist David G. Smith examines how pre-contact cultures lived off the land at Cootes Paradise. What can we learn today from these early people?
by Margaret Lindsay Holton
Published June 18, 2012 in Opinion (7 comments)

Collision on Cannon Street a Lethal Wake-Up Call
How many more people need to be injured or killed before our Council and traffic engineers decide to engineer our streets for safety, rather than lethal speeds?
by Jonathan Dalton
Published June 13, 2012 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (112 comments)

Disconnects Between Two-Way Conversion Plan and Implementation
Citizens, staff and councillors have dedicated countless hours of discussion and debate developing the Downtown Transportation Master Plan, but there is a terrible gap between what the plans call for and what has actually occurred.
by Kelly Foyle and Simon Kiss
Published June 12, 2012 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (24 comments)

Hamilton Needs the Courage to Change with the Times
If your goal is to move as many cars through the city as quickly as possible, one-way streets are excellent. The devastating trade-off is that they destroy the livelihood of the neighbourhoods they pass through.
by Terry Cooke
Published June 10, 2012 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (19 comments)

The Impact of Street Traffic on Residents: Some Research Findings
Research from Denver and San Francisco indicate that traffic on one-way streets is more intimidating than on two-way streets, and that neighbourhood interaction declines as traffic increases.
by Sarah V. Wayland
Published June 07, 2012 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (11 comments)

In Support of Refugee Medical Care
The Federal Government's plan to reduce medical services available to refugee claimants in Canada is a false economy that will be unfair to refugees and risky for public health.
by Tim O'Shea
Published June 07, 2012 in Opinion (6 comments)

In Defense of One-way Streets
We can make more room for alternative transport modes while respecting the preferences of people who appreciate the efficiency of one-way streets.
by Kent Lee
Published June 07, 2012 in Opinion (101 comments)

The Mabel's Labels Story
Mabel's Labels is an inspiring Hamilton business success story. At its heart is a simple idea, executed extremely well.
by Julie Cole
Published June 06, 2012 in Feature (9 comments)

Thoughts on Thoughts About Persons from Porlock
Is this that bizarre North American directive where we're ordered to do something that only makes sense as a personal reflex of spontaneous happiness?
by Mark Fenton
Published June 05, 2012 in Photo Essay (3 comments)

Downtown Neighbourhoods Unite Against Dangerous Streets
We, the residents of downtown Hamilton, have had enough. We demand safe streets. We don't want studies, we don't want excuses. We want safe streets now.
by Jonathan Dalton
Published June 04, 2012 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (44 comments)

A New Vision For Main Street West
These illustrations demonstrate what Main Street could be like, what it should be like, and perhaps what it will be like if City Council - and the City's traffic engineers - heed the growing clamour for balanced streets.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published June 01, 2012 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (136 comments)

West Don Lands: Birth of a Neighbourhood
I've never seen a neighbourhood emerge from the ether, but the Pan Am Games facility at Front and Cherry is shaping up to be a most memorable delivery.
by Ben Bull
Published June 01, 2012 in Special Report: Pan Am (10 comments)

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