Articles from March, 2012

Accountability and Transparency Subcommittee Passes Gag Order Against Citizen Complainants
An accountability and transparency subcommittee that does not publish its agendas or minutes has now voted to gag citizens from speaking publicly about their integrity complaints.
by Joey Coleman
Published March 30, 2012 in Special Report: Integrity Commissioner (32 comments)

2012 Transportation Summit: More Experts for our Traffic Planners to Ignore
Expert after expert continually tells Hamilton to make its downtown streets safe and walkable, but we prioritize automobile through traffic over all other concerns.
by Ryan McGreal
Published March 28, 2012 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (33 comments)

Hamilton's Newest Parking Lot: 55 Queen Street North
The property at 55 Queen Street North (at Market Street) is being developed into yet another downtown parking lot.
by Joey Coleman
Published March 27, 2012 in Downtown Bureau (32 comments)

Generational Decline in Civic Engagement a Wake-Up Call
Social inertia may be comfortable, but it's just not tenable to allow today's generation of civic leaders to be one of our last.
by Michael Borrelli
Published March 22, 2012 in Commentary (18 comments)

CBC Hamilton Threatened by Cuts
Proposed cuts of up to 10% could jeopardize the CBC's new digital service in Hamilton.
by Sonja Macdonald
Published March 14, 2012 in Commentary (34 comments)

Why I Filed an Integrity Complaint
Brian Hatch explains why he launched an integrity complaint against Mayor Bratina for giving his chief of staff a 33 percent raise and what he hopes the outcome will be.
by Brian Hatch
Published March 13, 2012 in Special Report: Integrity Commissioner (30 comments)

In Memory of All Saints
All Saints Church may not be with us (in its present form) much longer. This article offers some documentation of its state in 2012.
by Gerard V. Middleton
Published March 12, 2012 in Architecture (1 comment)

Prince Philip School Closure a Big Mistake
The proposed closure of Prince Philip School would facilitate a socially corrosive education policy, disproportionately harm an existing community and produce significant environmental damage.
by Joe Minor
Published March 10, 2012 in Commentary (16 comments)

It's Pension Time
Who could have imagined it would be such an ordeal to collect your Canada pension?
by Anne Van Dyk
Published March 09, 2012 in Commentary (15 comments)

Still Waiting for Detailed Cost Estimate of Board of Education Renovation
Sometimes we have to let it go, but not every time. We need much better cost data before concluding it is infeasible to renovate the Board of Education building.
by Matt Jelly
Published March 08, 2012 in Special Report: Education (16 comments)

'Sweetener' Leaves Bad Aftertaste
Public Health qualifies for $21 million in provincial subsidies no matter where the Public Health Department chooses to locate their offices.
by Graham Crawford
Published March 05, 2012 in Special Report: Education (31 comments)

Sero's Orpheus
Ryan Sero talks about his new musical-comedy, Orpheus, which is showing this Wednesday through Saturday at Theatre Aquarius.
by Kevin Somers
Published March 05, 2012 in Entertainment and Sports (3 comments)

Tour of Dundas Stone Houses
Dundas has a rich history that produced a fine heritage of stone buildings. This tour will introduce you to some of them.
by Gerard V. Middleton
Published March 03, 2012 in Architecture (24 comments)

Am I Green?
I suppose when I am ready to look honestly at our lifestyle, I will get greener. I can't get from start to finish in one step, but I have to take those steps.
by Jeff Griffiths
Published March 01, 2012 in Commentary (14 comments)

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