Articles from June, 2011

Clean Air Hamilton Annual Report
Automobile exhaust remains a major contributor to air pollution. The biggest thing City Council can do to reduce air pollution is to support walkable streets and improved transit.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 29, 2011 in Special Report: Climate Change (8 comments)

Details Missing from Development Charge Debate
Residential and industrial development charges are going up, but they are still a long way from paying the real cost of growth. That means higher water/sewer rates and higher taxes for Hamiltonians.
by Don McLean
Published June 28, 2011 in Commentary (17 comments)

Cannon Knitting Mills to be Redeveloped
Forum Equity Partners has commissioned David Premi Architects Inc to redevelop the Cannon Knitting Mills building in Beasley Neighbourhood as a mixed-use facility.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 28, 2011 in Downtown Bureau (31 comments)

Canada Post Debate Rife with Misinformation
The public and political debate over the Canada Post labour issue has been fueled by resentment and misinformation instead of factual analysis.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 26, 2011 in Commentary (82 comments)

Oh, Hell by Little Foot Long Foot
This is what psychedelic blues rock would sound like if it was performed by an angry band of classically-trained, straightedge punks.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 23, 2011 in Reviews (5 comments)

Why Transit Matters
Lecture notes and selected slides from Paul Bedford's address to the June 21 Jobs Prosperity Collaborative Luncheon in Hamilton.
by Paul Bedford
Published June 22, 2011 in Special Report: Light Rail (12 comments)

Enough Ideas: Time for Action
How many more times do we need to keep hearing the same message about what needs to change before we muster up the courage to act?
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 22, 2011 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (19 comments)

City to Start Work on West Hamilton Multi-Use Trail
The City is building a paved, multi-use trial that runs across Hwy 403 from Kirkendall neighbourhood in southwest Hamilton to Ainslie Wood neighbourhood in west Hamilton.
by RTH Staff
Published June 17, 2011 in Special Report: Cycling (14 comments)

Local Churches win Greening Sacred Spaces Awards 2011
Showing great leadership, hard work and perseverance, the Eco-Churches of West Hamilton and the Hill St. Garden Faith group are making a difference in the communities where they live.
by Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko
Published June 15, 2011 in Events (6 comments)

Hamilton's Role in Southern Ontario's Innovation Ecosystem
Hamilton should focus on its existing strengths while at the same time increasing its integration with Waterloo-Guelph-London.
by Abdallah Al-Hakim
Published June 10, 2011 in Special Report: Creative City (5 comments)

Woolverton Park: An Urbanist's Dilemma
The City plans to sell part of Woolverton Park in Corktown neighbourhood to a developer planning to build a 70 unit property next door. What is the right balance between intensification and protection of park land?
by Trey Shaughnessy
Published June 10, 2011 in Commentary (22 comments)

Chris Murray Responds to Joint Statement on Media Access at City Hall
Full text of City Manager Chris Murray's formal response to last week's Joint Statement on local media access.
by RTH Staff
Published June 09, 2011 in Special Report (17 comments)

Cirque du Soleil: Quidam at Copps Coliseum
In Quidam, the performers continue to push the limits of strength and balance, but their demonstrations are more exercises in restraint and control than death-defying abandon.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 09, 2011 in Reviews (7 comments)

Vrancor Offers to Partially Restore West Side of Revenue Canada Building
Vrancor now plans to preserve part of the west side of the old Revenue Canada building at 150 Main Street West as part of a new structure.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 07, 2011 in Special Report (26 comments)

Bridging The Gap Between The City And Its Citizens
There is a fundamental disconnect between how Public Works views the city and how residents view the city. To Public Works, the city is infrastructure, but to citizens, it's living space.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published June 05, 2011 in Ideas (17 comments)

Stadium Committee Needs to Engage Community
We need to make the most of this chance to turn around a Code Red area of our city, by taking advantage of what the people of this city have to offer in both their knowledge and love for their city.
by Larry Pattison
Published June 03, 2011 in Special Report: Pan Am (49 comments)

Killing Development Dead
Our building regulations produce a staggeringly perverse incentive: we subsidize and incentivize the neglect, demolition and destruction of value, while punishing and disincentivizing the creation of value through reinvestment and redevelopment.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 02, 2011 in Special Report: Creative City (56 comments)

Innovation City?
The first step toward a dynamic knowledge economy in Hamilton is in recognizing that the status quo is not acceptable, and that is something on which this community of 500,000 people can almost universally agree.
by Keanin Loomis
Published June 02, 2011 in Special Report: Creative City (7 comments)

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