Articles from April, 2010

Garbage Crawl!
A Lower-City Wide Trash and Litter cleanup happening in seven locations across Hamilton this weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday.
by Matt Jelly
Published April 30, 2010 in Events (6 comments)

The Potential of New, High-Growth Companies
If Hamilton wants jobs, it needs to support the creation of high-growth companies and foster the conditions that lead to them.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published April 27, 2010 in Special Report: Creative City (18 comments)

Truck Route Master Plan Study Fails Neighbourhoods
Once again, the goal of reclaiming urban communities from the din, pollution and peril of through truck traffic takes a back seat to narrow business imperatives.
by Ryan McGreal
Published April 26, 2010 in Special Report: Truck Routes (32 comments)

Trent, Mac, and Udder Mudders
Technically, Trent University is my alma mater, but when I think of my other, bounteous mother, it's Peterborough, Ontario, not Trent, that comes to mind.
by Kevin Somers
Published April 26, 2010 in Entertainment and Sports (10 comments)

Why I'm Not That Exercised About Earth Day
If we've learned anything from the last several decades, it's this: people respond to incentives and disincentives, not to moral suasion.
by Ryan McGreal
Published April 22, 2010 in Editorial (53 comments)

Queensdale Bike Lane Meeting Disrespectful to Cyclists
Negative anecdotes about cyclists are no basis on which to decide whether to implement a planned bike route as part of an integrated network already approved in the city's Cycling Master Plan.
by Walter Furlan
Published April 15, 2010 in Special Report: Cycling (41 comments)

My Life as a 'Doors Open' Tourist
Doors Open events are all about community. This community focus should also apply to how people get to far-flung sites.
by Michael Cumming
Published April 15, 2010 in Architecture (3 comments)

City Hall Marble Lines Drainage Ditch
The white Cherokee marble that cladded City Hall before it was replaced with concrete now lines a drainage ditch near Book Road in Ancaster.
by Ryan McGreal
Published April 13, 2010 in Special Report: City Hall (53 comments)

Code Red Raises the Alarm - Will We Answer?
The poverty that grips this city is our problem - and our shame, if we continue to pass on the challenge and the opportunity to come to terms with the despair and heart-crushing waste of human potential we've allowed to take shape.
by RTH Staff
Published April 12, 2010 in Editorial (69 comments)

Arthur P. Butler, Artist
No one is as openly, enthusiastically, and excitedly in love with their craft as Arthur P. Butler.
by Kevin Somers
Published April 08, 2010 in Entertainment and Sports (2 comments)

Chedoke Path Gets Fenced In
If City technocrats plug away in secret, harmful ideas like putting up a fence and cutting down trees make it into the final proposal. Nobody should be surprised when the community gets annoyed at this.
by Ted Mitchell
Published April 07, 2010 in Special Report: Cycling (20 comments)

March Break in Saskatchewan
Items discussed: public space, triangles, deep ruts, grandmothers, synthetic frogs, creepy ways to hang not particularly creepy pictures, and ruminations on the Christian drama.
by Mark Fenton
Published April 07, 2010 in Photo Essay (3 comments)

Not Another Hess Village!
I've been in cities as diverse as Capetown, Bogota, Veracruz, Montreal and Portland and always end up bemoaning the lack of patios in Hamilton compared to those cities.
by Jason Leach
Published April 06, 2010 in Downtown Bureau (70 comments)

Clash of the Titans (1981 Original)
Clash of the Titans has a bit of a rustic charm, and the often-creepy stop-motion does look impressive even if it is past its prime.
by Albert DeSantis
Published April 05, 2010 in Reviews (10 comments)

On Time and On Budget: How Hamilton Lost its High Quality Groove
Treating quality as an unwanted orphan is creating a problem that will haunt Hamilton for many, many years to come. The approach results in less than ideal results. It's as if OK is good enough for Hamiltonians.
by Graham Crawford
Published April 05, 2010 in Architecture (28 comments)

Feds Axe ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes Program
The sheer badness of this policy change is galling, even for a government so obviously in the corner of big energy interests
by Ryan McGreal
Published April 01, 2010 in Editorial (24 comments)

Rising Energy Transition Scale, Declining Vanity Project Credibility
All the nationalistic talk about green energy vanity projects obscures the basic bottom line that energy prices have to rise, will rise, and could rise very fast by future shock spiraling back from the fantasy future to the tormented present.
by Andrew McKillop
Published April 01, 2010 in Special Report: Peak Oil (3 comments)

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