Articles from June, 2009

Roadmap to an Open Source City
Hamilton could be a real leader, generating local expertise in collaboration, improving city business, and engaging the public more effectively in developing innovative solutions to the city's challenges.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 30, 2009 in Special Report: Open Public Data (7 comments)

Interview with James "Myrcurial" Arlen of Think|Haus
Individuals can make, create, repurpose, bend, re-finish, enhance and otherwise stamp their own personality on the objects, tools and decorations that surround them.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 25, 2009 in Interviews (19 comments)

Police Instigate Cyclist Conflict, Vandalize Bicycle
Hamilton Police need to be better prepared for a future in which respectable citizens live and patronize downtown, and are likely to be riding bicycles.
by Jonathan Dalton
Published June 23, 2009 in Opinion (49 comments)

Jeff Rubin, that is. When oil is no longer cheap and plentiful, our systems that are fueled by this inexpensive energy source will no longer be viable.
by Darren Kaulback
Published June 22, 2009 in Raise a Little Green (5 comments)

Pondering What Might Have Been
While other universities have figured out how to embrace integrated downtown campuses, McMaster remains addicted to four-storey box buildings more suited for the North Service Road in Burlington.
by Jason Leach
Published June 19, 2009 in Downtown Bureau (20 comments)

Letter to Council: Approve Cycling Master Plan
Please make an informed choice based on the clear evidence from around the world and vote to bring Hamilton into the fold of progressive, livable cities that encourage active living and full participation for all citizens.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 19, 2009 in Special Report: Cycling (13 comments)

Council Ignores Strategic Objectives
Instead of actually following their own planning policies, our council lurches from case to case, bending to whatever interest group has the most influence at a given time.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 18, 2009 in Editorial (31 comments)

Bicycle Routes Support Healthy Child Development
Council would do well to remember that a healthy city makes it possible for growing children and teens to do interesting and productive things as independently as possible.
by Michelle Martin
Published June 18, 2009 in Belonging (12 comments)

Is Hamilton Destined for Yet Another Big Box Development?
At what point will our council decide that enough is enough and make an honest-to-goodness effort to turn our community into something other cities can look to for leadership?
by Frank Borger
Published June 16, 2009 in Opinion (28 comments)

Technology and Trust: How Families Can Balance Supervision and Personal Responsibility
As heart-rendingly difficult as it can be to respect your child's legitimate and age-appropriate personal freedom, the concept behind it isn't rocket science.
by Michelle Martin
Published June 16, 2009 in Belonging (2 comments)

Toward a Sound Economy
The main cause of the economic crisis is not the loss on the subprime mortgages, but the structurally decreased capacity of banks to take losses.
by Rudo de Ruijter
Published June 16, 2009 in Opinion (1 comment)

Cycling Master Plan: Solid Network, Slow Implementation
City staff are asking councillors to approve a comprehensive cycling master plan that would complete a continuous bicycle network through the entire city - eventually.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 16, 2009 in Special Report: Cycling (6 comments)

Similarity Breeds Dislike: or The Narcissism of Small Differences Online
When we're online, we often disagree the most with the people who are just like us.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published June 12, 2009 in Digital Kayak (13 comments)

City Rapid Transit Update: Good Progress but Metrolinx Analysis Still Pending
The city seems to be doing all its homework and negotiating with the right departments and governmental organizations to ensure that it is prepared to go ahead once Metrolinx releases its benefits case analysis.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 10, 2009 in Special Report: Light Rail (15 comments)

High Speed Rail Opposition Based on False Claims
When Wendell Cox claims that "intercity roads are self-financing", this is both untrue on its face and disingenuous with respect to public transit such as LRT.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published June 10, 2009 in Commentary (3 comments)

Postcards from Quebec
Quebec is a cool tourist destination for many reasons. Its greatest asset is its abundance of pleasant, unique and modest tourist attractions, all within easy walking distance of each other.
by Ben Bull
Published June 09, 2009 in Accidental Activist (11 comments)

Open Source City: Making Public Data a Platform for Participation
Hamilton should embrace an open, shared data platform that increases participation and transparency while delivering better, more usable information to the public.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 05, 2009 in Special Report: Open Public Data (16 comments)

Fractured Giraffe, or The Shards of Post-Industrial Life
A great source for the random detritus of urban life is the varied scraps of paper readers grab impulsively for bookmarks, which the books can inadvertently preserve for decades.
by Mark Fenton
Published June 05, 2009 in Photo Essay (3 comments)

Album Review: Harsh Words by Little Foot Long Foot
Harsh Words is a great collection of unpretentious bluesy rockers that will add a much-needed dose of ass-kicking to your summer music tracklist.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 02, 2009 in Reviews (0 comments)

Soul in the City: Redirecting Graffiti into Creative Expression
When you look at the human body, it breaks out in hives or other nasty ailments as a sign that something is wrong. Could it be that graffiti is a cultural cry for help?
by Darren Kaulback
Published June 01, 2009 in Raise a Little Green (16 comments)

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