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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted January 27, 2014 at 20:00:13

Here are my recommendations.

1 Better hours - There is no reason the market should be closed Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.If you want to do Sunday Monday that's fine, but there's no reason the market should be closed for three days, and certainly not an odd closure of Wednesday. That being said, if a Vendor doesn't want to adhere to this schedule, he doesn't have to. He just needs to provide clear signage of his hours on his booth and pay the rent.

2 Less Food Terminal Vendors - If I want food terminal food, I can go to nations or any other grocery store. Have two food terminal vendors and that's it.

3 Adjust the stall sizes/hall sizes - The current market is too crowded, which is hilarious because there are several empty stalls. Make adjustments with this in mind.

4 Open to the Outside - The buffer area by Sensational Samosa is sheer idiocy. This entire section has more width and open up to the street during the summer with patio seating.

5 Allow Food Trucks outside - York is not and should not being a high speed traffic vein like King/Main. During the summer, having at least one Food Truck there to work with the Patio adds a certain closeness to the area.

6 Shut down one lane during the summer. Make room on the sidewalk for an outdoor portion of the market. This in turn also give more incentive to may Bay St two way as well.

7 Use the Food Court - The Market has a completely serviceable Food court outside. Expand the market to include this area for cooked food vendors.

8 Free Parking - If Nations is allowed to validate parking, the market must follow suit. You might not like it, but it's a severe competitive loss if Nations can offer this and the market can't, especially with how many exotic selections Nation's offers. That being said, keep the parking restricted to the underground parking or the parking plaza. NO MORE STREET PARKING!

9 Streetscape York - York needs more green, York needs the Parking facility bridge to be more then a monument to rust, York needs the parking lot at York and Park turned into a Park, it needs the buildings with those exposed rusted metal vents and aluminium siding facade turned into something that fits the well kept Copley and Memorial Church buildings, or turned into yet more green-space.

10 Keep the Birks Clock Working - I get that the clock is an antique, but it's imperative you keep the Clock running, working and the knights charging. It's a unique item to the market, and is a monument that you should be using to Brand the market with.

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