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By Steph (registered) | Posted January 27, 2014 at 15:08:52

Actually having the market operational for the hours they advertise is the single most obvious fix that's needed to make it a more appealing option for buying groceries. I work less than five minutes' walk from the farmer's market and would love to be able to drop in after work at 5:00pm to grab ingredients for dinner, but this has been laughably impossible every time I've tried it.

The early closing is far more frustrating on Saturdays when I actually have time to shop but can't be guaranteed to find what I need if I dare set out any later than 1:30 in the afternoon. Sometimes (I find especially in the summer), you can still have a decent (if still spotty) market experience in the afternoon, but at this time of year it seems half the vendors can't be bothered to stick around. Probably the very worst was this past December 31 when I biked over around 2:00 to get cheese and other snacks for New Year's Eve only to find most of the vendors not only closed, but still drifting around the market chatting among themselves.

Thankfully Denninger's is even closer than Nations and a lot more reliable but it's beyond annoying when the market is literally forcing me to go elsewhere during its so-called open hours.

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