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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted January 27, 2014 at 12:58:04

Been trying very hard to support the farmer's market. The hours are the biggest problem; I can't stop for groceries on my way home from work. Even if I do half the vendors aren't there. So it's Saturday trips from up the mountain, or not at all. Prepared food is lacking; seemed scattered around and nothing of substance. You had to know in advance who had what. I know where to find the samosas but where's the food? Anyone there make deli sandwiches? Was I not looking hard enough?

Anyway I like getting my steaks and cheesecake from there, try to go weekly in the summer. Last time I went a couple of the stalls I needed were closed, haven't been back.

But all that above is trivial compared to the single biggest problem downtown. We have no culture of outdoor patios. I'm not saying for right now in the middle of January, but someone above said the food court seating was pathetic. It is. There should be patio tables inside and out, european food court style, this should have been thought of. Not a total of four McDonalds style fast food tables. Make the place somewhere you want to go and hang out. Spend money at prepared food stalls. Have a deli sandwich and beer, or hot dog with the kids. Buy some groceries from vendor stalls that are actually open. The place should be bumpin' all weekend, not just for four hours of each Saturday afternoon. And on weekdays it's deserted after 5PM, when everyone is actually off work to stop by. Plus its location on York makes it a potential outdoor patio spot that will be less drowned in the diesel fumes along King and Main.

I feel a sense of pride about the place, but it's not even as good as Fortinos right now :)

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