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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted December 09, 2013 at 14:10:36

I'm a BIXI Toronto user and you are spot on in your analysis. In my first year I had several instances of bike racks being full or bikes not being available. The rack by my work was frequently full and so, predictably, I refrained from using the service to get to work. After a while the problem seemed to get better and only then did I risk biking again (the nearest station is about 600m away across 2 busy roads). Finding another station can be time consuming and if you're using the bike to get to work or an appointment, time is something you don't have.

In terms of safety there are no helmets to rent (not that you'd want to...yuk) but I've found that drivers give you a wide berth because the bike is very heavy and Mary Poppins like. Drivers seem to sense that you need a lot of space.

I also had instances of racks being moved, and bikes that don't lock properly. Overall the service is good however it needs to be expanded so I can use it beyond the current limited borders.

The price is right too. My annual subscription is around $95 and I get plenty of use out of it (work commute, downtown meetings, meeting friends etc).

In conclusion, bike share is one of those services that need to either go big or go home. Good luck Hamilton!

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