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By Kevin Love (anonymous) | Posted December 07, 2013 at 23:33:45

It is interesting to compare Hamilton's proposed roll-out with the criteria for success in the new Institute for Transportation and Development Policy's "Bike Share Planning Guide."

This may be found at:

Please note the minimum requirements of 19-15 stations per square km to give 200-300 metre spacing between bike-share stations. Also, the minimum requirement to have 10-30 bikes for every 1,000 residents. For example, Paris has over 100 bikes per 1,000 residents.

Compare these minimum requirements with the Hamilton proposals for a mere 650 bikes.

Conclusion: The Hamilton plan is a plan for failure due to failing to meet the minimum requirements for enough bicycles to make the system one of reliable public transportation. There is a mathematical guarantee that a bike will NOT be available at a convenient location when it is needed.

Kevin's recommendation: If 650 bikes in 65 stations is all we've got, it would be best to launch the program with a service area confined to McMaster University and adjacent student housing. That is a small enough area to achieve the required bike and station density for success.

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