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By jonathan (registered) | Posted October 30, 2013 at 02:05:09 in reply to Comment 93908

Based on having taken the #16 and #47 GO buses many times in the past...I honestly have a hard time believing this. I don't recall ever being 'stuck in traffic', unless you count playing leap-frog with the city buses. I'm sure it feels faster...but I rather doubt it truly is. IMHO, the biggest cause of delays on the GO bus is the cash customers. Why GO hasn't implemented a 'no-cash-sales' policy on in-city stops is beyond me. Stick a machine at Dundurn and Mac, if people can't be bothered to make their way to the station. While they're at it, eliminate the stops between the GO station and Dundurn. Seriously...all points east of the station need to take the city bus to get onto the GO. Not to mention the folks on the mountain. So it's not like it's asking the folks that use these stops to do any more than the rest of the city does. Why have six extra stops? THAT annoys me far more than traffic ever has.

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