Comment 93954

By jonathan (registered) | Posted October 30, 2013 at 01:44:11 in reply to Comment 93938

As for #1, haven't the buses always done that? At least, since McNab was built? How have the bus lanes changed this? I'd have to agree with others that the current method is some pretty poor planning, especially when most of these buses just turned onto King from John. Perhaps they could take over the left 2 lanes between John and James, and build a bus drop-off zone. The left lane starts just before that, anyway. The previous method for the suspect buses (drop-off zone in Gore Park) was, frankly, much better, and in light of the fact everyone seems to have forgotten it was supposed to be pedestrianized, I'm not sure why they can't go back to that. At least until something actually happens there. Which may or may not be in my lifetime...

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