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By jonathan (registered) | Posted October 30, 2013 at 01:32:11 in reply to Comment 93938

Regarding #3, I can testify, from a driver's perspective, to what a nuisance this intersection is, for both drivers and buses.

Every weekday morning, I stop at the Esso station just west of the intersection, to grab my morning caffeine fix. And every morning, this runs through my head as I approach the intersection:

"OK, coming up on Dundurn. Is there a bus there? I see there another hiding in front of it? How long is it going to sit there? Do I risk trying to pass it? Will it leave before I do, and prevent me from getting into the station? What's this car in front of me going to do? Oh, thank GOD, it's a GO Bus! Those things sit there for forever! Wait...Sonofa...RED LIGHT!! I'm screwed..."

Something definitely needs to be done. Transit-only lights might very well be the solution; combined with a completely separated (by a curb) transit stop. Though the Timmy's drive-through and the Shopper's right there cause other problems. Ones which I handily avoid by hitting the Esso station instead. Same coffee, 1/4 the time.

Of course, the transit lane ended my other morning debate...will there be a car parked in front of the theatre, blocking the right lane, or not? No doubt, bus drivers had much the same thought.

As for the bus-only lanes, apart from the intersections you've mentioned, I'm quite certain that simply removing parking from the north side of the street would have resulted in very similar transit times. But whatever. This whole thing, in my opinion, was unnecessary, and does a disservice to the future LRT by already turning people against reducing the lanes on King St. Better if they had waited to piss off drivers until after the funding had been committed, the plan in place, and the construction had commenced. Shame, really.

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