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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted October 28, 2013 at 16:53:35 in reply to Comment 93856

King and James is about 2km from the 403 on-ramp ... no one is proposing closing the on-ramp, just making King and Main more compatible with multiple uses, including residential, business and commercial.

Speaking of which ... I just came back from a run to the Dundurn Plaza and back to Westdale on King Street West. So I didn't have to decide where to ride as far as the bus lane goes this time.

But King Street West from Dundurn to the on-ramp was horrifying. In fact, King Street West effectively is the off ramp for those two blocks.

In almost every city that I can think of, you have to slow down as you get ready to turn from the city street onto the on ramp, at which point you speed up.

On King Street West, you accelerate along the city street - well over the speed limit - and then slow down once you are on the ramp, as you hit the curve marked "40 km/h". And I was never sure that a car accelerating onto the bridge in the second lane wasn't going to suddenly swoop over to the ramp (without needing to slow down yet) just as I thought I had a break in the traffic so that I could cross.

This is not normal in any urban setting.

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