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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted October 28, 2013 at 13:07:51 in reply to Comment 93854

Why would lowering speed limits (say to 30km/h, which is a safe speed for an urban core with lots of pedestrians) make motorists happier than adding a transit lane? The complaints are precisely about "slowing down traffic", not the fact that a lane that has always been dominated by buses is now reserved for them.

So, you would be happy with traffic limited officially and enforced strictly to 30km/h at all times of day on King and Main?

In addition, experience shows that simply lowering the posted speed limit on a fast street without accompanying it with engineering changes (reducing lane widths, adding bump outs, etc.) does not work. Motorists drive at the maximum speed they feel comfortable with given road conditions and that they feel they can get away with with respect to enforcement.

The city core was there long before the freeways. King and Main themselves are NOT designated freeways themselves, they are city streets with multiple functions. As has been pointed out over and over, Hamilton as a whole would benefit from an economically dynamic and attractive downtown core, and this is not compatible with high speed auto traffic at all times of day.

King and James is about 2km from the 403 on-ramp ... no one is proposing closing the on-ramp, just making King and Main more compatible with multiple uses, including residential, business and commercial.

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