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By the rest of the city (anonymous) | Posted October 28, 2013 at 13:06:27 in reply to Comment 93854

your metaphorical "offramp" is "everyone else's problem" because an economically unhealthy core is a tax burden for the entire city, and it has been proven that high speed through traffic causes economic depression, while building a livable core greatly improves the economics of downtowns.

your personal problem of where you chose to live however, is solvable by you alone and is not in fact anyone else's problem.

You may not understand it but the supporting data doesn't lie.

This isn't nimbyism, it's intelligent urban design. If you think that the billion dollar road budget backlog is a result of a healthy, sustainable system, then I doubt it's worth anyone's time to try to argue facts with you as you are clearly blinded by denial or selfishness or both.

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