Comment 93770

By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted October 26, 2013 at 12:10:54 in reply to Comment 93748

Oh, one more thing:

There was no warning that one day this week we would all wake up to a new bus lane angering motorists including supporters.

I'm not formally proposing a conspiracy theory or anything like that, but noticed something odd:

The spec had an article talking about slow driving down King Street after the lane took effect; how 12 minute drives were now 45 minutes. Yet here on RTH people were saying King was moving normally. Were there other parts of King blocked for construction at the time? (I think by Wentworth there is some road work?) Was the spec article blaming on the transit lane a bottleneck that was actually caused elsewhere? Was the article trying to make the lane look bad on its first day? Are RTH comments exaggerating to the downside?

Anyway the point of this is, the lane may have been meant to fail and be annoying, in order to set a precedent for reverting it back and never messing with King or Main in the future. They seem to want to cancel LRT. Maybe this is all a part of manufacturing support for leaving these streets status quo?

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