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By Kevin Love (anonymous) | Posted October 23, 2013 at 19:19:03 in reply to Comment 93594

Let me describe some of the examples of particularly vicious bigotry that I have encountered.

I'll start with the hate slurs thrown at me on the street by car drivers. How dare I actually exercise my legal right to use the roads that my tax dollars paid for!

From hate slurs, the next step up is vicious acts of violence. Yes, this includes being threatened and intimidated by a multi-tonne lethal weapon. Threatening or intimidating someone with a weapon constitutes the Criminal Code of Canada offence of "Assault With a Weapon." Reckless and negligent car driving constitutes the Criminal Code of Canada offence of "Dangerous Driving."

Yet when I make criminal complaints to the Hamilton Police, what happens? That would be a whole lot of nothing. I would be willing to wager that in each case if the violent, dangerous criminal used a gun instead of a car as the weapon, a little bit more than nothing would have happened. This shows a pattern of systematic discrimination and bigotry on the part of the Hamilton Police.

Last night at the Durand Neighbourhood Association meeting, the police representative was asked when the Hamilton Police would start enforcing the law and laying Criminal Code charges of "Dangerous Driving" against reckless and negligent car drivers. He responded by talking about provincial laws and tickets as if he did not even know that Dangerous Driving was a Criminal Code offence. And this was a Hamilton Police sergeant!

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