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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted October 23, 2013 at 19:17:28 in reply to Comment 93566

When you reference NYC, Vancouver etc, do you imagine that the improvements they have seen are purely the result of staff initiative? Surely not! Up until very recently, NYC was absolutely not a cycling friendly city. I don't know how completely friendly it is now.

I cycled for a day in NYC last month, from the bottom of Central Park down into the Lower East Side and back up - I used the riverside path, separated bike lanes, painted bike lanes, and rode in open traffic. "Friendly" is not the first word which comes to mind. I had to stare down taxis and cars a number of times when my right of way was challenged, and some of those times I lost. Mind, that's true if you are driving or walking in NYC.

But it felt safe. And there were lots of people on bikes, not just the road-warriors of five years ago. And, of course, those to statements go hand in hand, as Ryan has so often pointed out.

Here's a chart showing risk of injury from cycling in NYC falling precipitously as the number of cyclists increases ... Images: RTH

See this Business Insider article for details.

And coming back to the point? The cycling infrastructure in NYC happened hard and fast - there were basically no bike lanes in NYC ten years ago. They have put in hundreds of miles of bike lanes. We can't even manage Hunter Street properly.

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