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By Jay Robb (anonymous) | Posted October 23, 2013 at 15:08:11 in reply to Comment 93578

Great post Matthew.

If I got the conversion right, unleaded gas is currently selling in the Netherlands for $2.49 a litre (it's around $1.20 here). Suspect a lot of us would hop on bikes if the price at the pumps doubled. My sister's currently overseas and is riding a bike everywhere not by choice but because gas, tolls and parking are prohibitively expensive and beyond her budget.

Will be interesting to see what happens to parking fees in a gentrifying downtown Hamilton as the condos go up and big brands move in. Right now, parking is dirt cheap and readily available (aside from Springsteen concerts and convocation ceremonies at Hamilton Place, when was the last time you couldn't find a parking spot downtown?).

And while the focus is on an east-west light rail transit system, north-south bus rapid transit would go a long way in giving more options to all the surbanites who currently drive into the core to work at some of Hamilton's largest employers.

Watch the rush hour traffic on any of the Mountain access routes. Almost all of it is going down in morning and up in the early evening.

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