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By jonathan dalton (registered) | Posted October 23, 2013 at 14:35:19

I wouldn't call King Street all the way from the east end to downtown a 'bike lane to nowhere.' It would serve many origin - destination pairs over its 3.1km length. It would connect to many residential side streets that are quiet enough not to need bike lanes. It would connect the calmer two-way sections of Main and King east of the Delta to the calmer International Village section with two lanes and parking on either side, effectively bridging the most terrifying stretch of King. In other words, that 3.1km stretch needs the bike lane much more than what surrounds.

A 'bike lane to nowhere' more aptly describes the lanes on York because of the conditions where the lane ends at Bay. There is nowhere safe and legal to cycle once the lane ends except north on Bay Street, which is still fast one way at that point. Most westerly destinations past Bay Street are to the south, i.e. along King Street and into Westdale. There is no safe and legal way to cycle in that direction from York.

I recognize that not all bike lanes can be built at once. However the safe continuation of a bike lane should at least be planned for. A two-way Bay Street or a bidirectional separated bike lane on Bay between York and King would give cyclists more options to continue, but that wasn't even discussed in the planning for York.

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