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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted October 23, 2013 at 13:08:44 in reply to Comment 93564

Part of the problem is that we are drowning in lip service. We have a huge cycling master plan with a build-out projection of something like 20 years or more. We are told that bike lanes will be installed (or at least considered) at every repaving project. And then we spend half our yearly budget on roads and install 1km of bike lanes at a time. All talk, no action.

The "lane to nowhere" on King could just as easily be viewed as "a perfect opportunity to start". As you said, change is incremental and we obviously can't expect the city to plunk bike lanes down on every street overnight. But when huge swaths of pavement are being repoured - that is precisely the time to implement new designs. King east remains a nightmare - worse now that it's smoother than a formula 1 track. And how much did we pay for that? And how much will we pay to repave all four lanes all over again in 15 years?

I'm not a fan of disconnected bike lanes but I'm even less of a fan of wasting resources by having to do things twice - and of missed opportunities by not doing it right the first time.

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