Comment 93569

By bikeist (anonymous) | Posted October 23, 2013 at 12:23:24 in reply to Comment 93566

You're contradicting yourself. NYC has made HUGE strides in cycling (quadrupled in ten years) because they have a mayor who strongly supports it who appointed a transportation director who also strongly supports it. Strong informed leadership - that's what NYC has and what Hamilton lacks. Citizens need to be involved but you can only go to so many meetings, sign so many petitions, write so many letters, roll so many boulders uphill. At some point the people who's job it is to do this stuff need to take over and do their jobs. That hasn't happened in Hamilton yet and we won't see NYC type improvements until it does.

Frankly Portland used to be progressive for cycling but has fallen behind other cities that started later but are moving faster. We're later still, so we need to move even faster still.

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