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By jason (registered) | Posted October 23, 2013 at 09:48:40 in reply to Comment 93555

well said Graham.

The Hunter bike lanes are a great example. We have a simple solution to install the entire route without disrupting any GO Station parking, but instead we are going to do a tiny piece east of Catharine, then a tiny piece west of Bay and then the centre section 'at some point in the future'.

Imagine if we rebuilt the Queen St hill like this? Bottom 1/3 now, top 1/3 later and the middle section whenever.

Cities like Portland are actively looking at upcoming road construction projects to see where they can add traffic calming, narrower lanes, new bike facilities, speed humps etc.... That was the thinking behind the suggestion for Hamilton to re-think King St from the Delta to Wellington since they were completely re-paving it anyhow. We could have added a great complete street through that entire stretch instead of simply repainting a 4-lane freeway.

West 5th was rebuilt and was supposed to get bike lanes. Instead we ended up with lanes wider than the 401, unnecessary turning lanes, where 3-way stop light sequences would have done the trick, and no bike lanes. Just sharrows.

From what I've been told, the Queen St hill is also just being repainted as it was, even though the lanes will be narrowed. We completely rebuilt a road-deck with the intent of narrower lanes, yet couldn't find a measly 4-feet on either side for bike lanes?? We could have, but nobody thinks to suggest it because it's not a priority.

Cannon was a huge win, for sure. And I know they are looking to connect them to the approved bike lanes on York, which hopefully will come soon. But again, it was almost entirely citizen-driven. Ditto for all tactical urbanism, safer crossings, new pedestrian lights etc.... City Hall is still operating like it's 1965 when it comes to streets, traffic, quality of life etc.... citizens, and several engaged councillors, deserve the credit for even the minor improvements and changes we are seeing.

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