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By jason (registered) | Posted September 17, 2013 at 09:41:30

How's this for a parking anecdote. I biked to supercrawl Fri night, as I live a few minute bike ride from James N. Planned to do the same on Sat night.

Due to various circumstances - being out of town all day, having to pick up a friend for the crawl around 8:30 etc.... it just so happened that I was coming towards downtown from the east (my friends place) around 9pm - the heart of supercrawl. I planned to ditch the car at my place and we'd walk over, but for a laugh I said "let me see if there are parking spots on Hughson St", as we headed up King. He said there was no chance of street parking, but perhaps a lot would work. I turned on Hughson, and then right on King William and viola - a free curb-side parking spot was open in front of Baltimore House. 9 pm. Supercrawl Saturday. A free street spot ONE block from James N.

I'm pretty sure parking is not a problem downtown.

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