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By Simon (registered) - website | Posted September 16, 2013 at 22:53:14

So I had an errand downtown last week on a Wednesday morning.

I though about taking the bus, but even though I live right on one of the best serviced routes in the city, the next bus wasn't for another 15 minutes (they're actually 20 minutes apart). That's about twice as long as I'm really willing to wait, but whatever - then I go try to find some change for bus fare. Who has change - not me. Now, I'm remembering the last time I tried to take the bus - the guy at the convenience store 10 minutes out of my way, pissed that I just wanted bus tickets, which I had to pay for by getting cash out of the $4 a pop convenience store cash machine.

So now I'm thinking, oh well, I can drive there in 10.

So I drive downtown. Oh no, finding parking at 10:00 in the morning on a Wednesday is going to be a pain. Pull into first lot, right beside where I'm going, tons of spots. Cost? $2. Less than half of what bus fare would have cost. (I know there are other costs when driving, but parking vs bus fare is what I had to pay out of pocket, so that's what I was comparing).

Finish my appointment around lunch time. Think, oh, I'll walk 5 minutes over to King William and get some lunch. Then, realize I have to do something with the car. Decide to drive over to King William since I know parking will be available and its only going to cost another $2.

Except, now that I'm in my car anyway, and I missed the fucking turn on a fucking one way street because changing lanes on a fucking one way street is a fucking disaster, I decide - fuck it, I'm just going to make myself a sandwich a home.

Now imagine your average CHML listener, going through the same thought process.

Is it any wonder that a study would recommend more parking - given as pointed out that consultants often mysteriously meet the same conclusions as their clients?

Never mind you know, supply and demand. What would the peak occupancy be if parking rates tripled to something closer to a reasonable rate?

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