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By jason (registered) | Posted July 31, 2013 at 22:40:04 in reply to Comment 90577

I think we're seeing the answer to that question with the closure of an access that carries 20,000 cars per day. The Public Works guy - Gary Moore - was on radio today and said the Claremont and Jolley Cut still have tons of capacity to handle anyone still looking for the quickest route. So in other words, we can remove a 20,000 car road from our network and be just fine. Granted, it is a needed link between west Mtn and West End so I'm not sure permanent closure is the answer, but certainly we should have no problem taking a full lane on the Claremont for a separated 2-way bike lane from Mohawk College all the way to Burlington Street, and another 2 full lanes for LRT tracks. We should also narrow lanes on the Jolley Cut to provide bike lanes ALL the way up and down. Ditto for the new Queen St Hill.

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