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By jason (registered) | Posted May 23, 2013 at 18:03:10 in reply to Comment 88901

great point. I think Hamilton could see rapid change along all of King St, Locke, Main, Wilson and other streets in a few short years by utilizing 'temporary' tree planters as bumpouts. NYC has perfected this art of quick improvements of their urban spaces....which then leads to more permanent changes of substantial nature:

Everyday I see cars screaming down the curb lanes of King East trying to pass 1 car and save 7/10 of a second on their drive home. Putting lives at risk is apparently worth it to enough people to drive this way 365 days a year.

Imagine every single corner along King being outfitted tomorrow with huge tree planters in order to create 24-7 curb parking on both sides, 1 westbound bike lane and 2 full travel lanes (which it's traffic volumes can easily handle).

Not to mention the added trees and greenery are desperately needed along most of our main streets:

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