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By ScreamingViking (registered) | Posted April 22, 2012 at 13:35:20 in reply to Comment 76120

The current LRT concept has the tracks crossing the 403 on a dedicated bridge between King and Main - the route switches from King to Main in Westdale. So in terms of 2-way traffic on the King bridge, LRT would not be a complication.

The ramp to the Brantford-bound 403 would need to be reconfigured to allow a right turn from King heading east - it's far too sharp the way it is now. Perhaps it could even be moved to the west side of the highway?

The Toronto-bound ramp would require a similar reconfiguration to make it more perpendicular to King (or add a second entry just for use by eastbound street traffic)

If done right, and depending on the amount of traffic that would use the ramps from the new directions, traffic lights may not even be required (I think you would need two) - perhaps a middle turning lane would suffice. But this idea would change the dynamic of all three interchanges somewhat (King, Main, Aberdeen) so it would have to be analyzed.

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