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By downtowninhamilton (registered) | Posted December 05, 2011 at 22:07:29 in reply to Comment 71817

Locke St. between King and Main, in my experience at least, is not full of drivers racing up it. The incline there makes that difficult. I will agree, the sidewalks narrow there, but what's the alternative - knock down the buildings or remove 1 lane of traffic from 2? As well, I don't find there to be much pedestrian traffic up that street. There's several alternatives nearby if this is such a big deal.

Having grown up in a sidewalk-free area in Dundas, I'm used to having to stick to either walking on the concrete edge to the road or right on the road. Granted, I don't have kids to look after, but I think that on the whole, the sidewalks in our area are good. Most of the areas listed as being 'sidewalk-deficient' are in old areas of the city, where not a lot can be done to enlarge them, short of removing traffic lanes, encroaching on property, or removing buildings.

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