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By jason (registered) | Posted December 05, 2011 at 19:44:59 in reply to Comment 71900

I too have had moments like that in front of LIUNA and also at the Gore, realizing who vast potential we have. Sadly, none of it will be realized as long as parking is the main priority at city hall. You'll soon catch wind of a twin tower condo proposal for Upper James and Stonechurch - 30 stories each. One of the reasons the developer assembled the land out there is because it's much easier to get enough space for all the necessary parking. In other words, developments like that which would be great for downtown will never happen downtown because we demand endless parking from builders. Molinaro already bailed on one project in Durand because they weren't allowed to go higher than 10 floors at the Thistle Club site surrounded by 20-30 storey buildings. Developers want to make money one way or the other, so they'll take the 30 storey buildings to Upper James and Stonechurch if that's what city hall wants.

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