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By jason (registered) | Posted December 05, 2011 at 16:17:10 in reply to Comment 71874

I'm convinced Hamilton's traffic engineers ARE the problem facing our city. Have been for decades. If we could close down the department tomorrow and start allowing the other departments to make decisions based on sound planning, this city would look radically different in 5 years. I was just told of a story about a great downtown development that was brought to city hall for a preliminary planning meeting. EcDev helped set up the meeting and was excited about the project. My source said it was so sad to see the EcDev officials and many others in the room slump in their chairs out of embarrassment and frustration when the parking/traffic guys started blabbing about why the project won't work because there aren't 8 gazillion parking spots etc..... needless to say, that development team took their project to another municipality. I share that story because it's jut one example in a long line that illustrate the progressive ideas and good work being done by many folks in EcDev...but it continually butts up against this old boys club in Public Works. I will vote for my next mayor and council solely based on those with a platform to clean house in Public Works. I want to see a mayor fight the managers, the union bosses, anyone who tries to maintain the status quo. These guys have ruined Hamilton and actively trying to continue their reign in 2011.

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