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By jason (registered) | Posted December 02, 2011 at 23:12:42 in reply to Comment 71816

just to be clear, you can cross at Pearl, but only on the east sidewalk. The west sidewalk now has this no crossing sign, even though cars turning right onto King from Pearl won't change at all with or without a light. Also, there is no hope on my part, or probably anyone in Hamilton that 'walkability trump vehicles'. As a sustainable transport group from Chicago posted on twitter today:

"If there is a war on cars, only one side is racking up casualities. The rest of us are simply trying to get to work in once piece".

I simply want to see city hall pretend to acknowledge the existence of commuters who use bikes, buses or their own feet. The idea that we'll ever become a Vancouver where the city mandate is to make it safer for pedestrians above all else is laughable, at least for the next 20+ years or until a wholesale shift happens at city hall. Of course, we also don't have to worry about threatening Vancouver on the 'best places to live' lists anytime soon either.

Locke St between King and Main is very uncomfortable for 2 people to walk side by side. Two adults could pull it off, but I hate trying it with my kids. The sidewalks are so skinny. Standing at Main and Locke is pretty ridiculous too. Sidewalks on Bay or York or Gore Park are great. But King West, Locke, Dundurn North, Queen and many others are very dangerous with kids. One quick trip on a sidewalk by a kid could be the end of them. It simply shouldn't be so lopsided in favour of high speed traffic. Balance is all we're looking for. Not Vancouver balance, just something remotely safe.

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