Comment 71215

By Brandon (registered) | Posted November 11, 2011 at 11:48:43 in reply to Comment 71211

Perhaps to you it is. Speak for yourself please. As a driver I don't feel that way at all. I find it scary and rather pathetic that you feel that way about driving.

Yesterday I was driving down Locke St just after 6 at 40 km/h. Light wasn't good, lots of parked cars people stopping to parallel park or turn onto side streets.

Before I crossed Charlton a vehicle started to cross Locke but stopped because they noticed a pedestrian on the west side. The vehicle behind them almost ran into them. I crossed Charlton after the first vehicle had cleared, the second vehicle proceeded to aggressively tailgate me all the way down Locke. They also honked at me when I let someone turn onto a side street in front of me.

This is the sort of driver who feels that everything that forces them to slow down is a personal affront to them. This is the sort of driver that MyStoneyCreek is referring to which is not all that uncommon.

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