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By Hopeful (registered) | Posted November 09, 2011 at 13:43:46

Hi Jason, Your reaction to Dreschel's article, the discussion on it, and the need for Councilours to become more informed and think the issue through a little bit mirrored my feelings on reading the piece as well. Something that doesn't seem to be getting addressed in the discussion is that many stop signs have been put in place mainly to prevent streets from being used as 60kmh thoroughfares, not because a full stop is absolutely needed for the traffic volumes where they are --- Dunsmure is a good example of this. Since an average cyclist will never be travelling this quickly, they are unfairly impacted by the proliferation of stop signs being used to achieve another goal. I firmly believe that Hamilton (indeed Ontario) should allow "Idaho stops" and/or that "Yield to Cyclists" signs should be provided at intersections the same way as "Yield to Pedestrians" signs now in other places. The lack of these options seems to only support the notion roads are meant and designed for cars and that other means of transport are an afterthought. I hope your piece inspires some more reflection on what is being proposed here. It is not a black and white issue and a great many possible bike routes with fantastic potential are being limited in their implementation by considering things as such.

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