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By Mogadon Megalodon (anonymous) | Posted June 14, 2011 at 22:07:07

Visionary indeed. It's as if he foresaw the pieces falling into place!

So here we have the business interests of a former Chamber of Commerce chair (MITL partner and Advisory Board member Richard Koroscil, president and CEO of Hamilton International Airport), the academic/business interests of the outgoing chair (MITL partner and Advisory Board Chair Demetrius Tsafaridis, president of CareGo) and the recently retired CEO of the Chamber of Commerce (John Dolbec, president and CEO of TransHub Ontario) clicking serendiptously. And then some:

"We’ll make the best use of land both in traditional industrial areas, such as near the port, and in new developments like the planned Airport Employment Growth District. My vision for the future of Hamilton is to see us capitalize on our natural assets and become that transportation hub. That’s why Hamilton International Airport, along with Hamilton Port Authority and CareGo Innovative Solutions, helped to found TransHub Ontario, now joined by the City of Hamilton and Fluke Transportation Group as committed partners."

You don't have to own a tin foil hat to see patterns in that last sentence.

Will we see the "new look" Chamber adopt a similarly peppy pro-trucking, pro-Aerotropolis stance? Clues come in the form of a merry socioeconomic analysis proffered by the editor of the Chamber-Spec magazine Panorama:

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