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By jason (registered) | Posted December 28, 2010 at 09:29:15

LOL. Guess how far it is from the York Blvd/ 403 ramp to Barton and Caroline? 2.7km. So, as we all expected, many of the Cats so called 'wish list' was nothing more than a mirage. This site is furthest from a highway ramp than any other site they've looked at and it is right next door to new houses and subdivisions. Is has potentially good transit access for GO and VIA, but local bus service is bound to suck based on my experiences everywhere else in Burlington. Plus, GO/VIA was to be located 2 blocks from the stadium at the WH. The only site worse than this was the East Mountain one. That is, for anyone left in this city who believes a word out of the Cats mouth about what they are looking for. We've known all along it is all about owning a parking lot. Not a sports team, stadium or entertainment precinct. Perhaps we can get them to locate at WH and as a tradeoff give them ownership of one of the hundreds of parking lots downtown. Seems that's all they want.

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