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By That's ok Hamilton we have waterfalls. (anonymous) | Posted December 24, 2010 at 15:07:58

Exactly a multi-purpose facility. 200 times a year that Iver Wynne gets used for is great as one of the posters was pointing out BUT even better if the stadium can make money 200 times a year. I don't think that currently happens with Ivor Wynne Stadium. Unless there's something that I'm not aware of with all the high school events that go on in there.

We can still turn it into a multi-purpose facility if you incorporate some film studio space below the stadium. Last couple of seasons 40% of all the TV and film shoot in Ontario have been in Hamilton and we still have no film studios to speak of in Hamilton. Mind you it would have to be something that some entrepreneur looks afetr and not the city because the city has bad track record when it comes to running facilities. Look at HECFI for an example there.

I know for a fact that Mayor Bratina would look at the film studio option seriously because I remember from working on the set of the Incredible Hulk couple of years back he was on the sidelines watching very closely. He was very much interested in what was going on around the downtown with that particular film shoot.

Just my 2 cents Canadian.

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