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By SayItAin'tSo (anonymous) | Posted December 24, 2010 at 08:59:36

RealFreeEnterpriser: "In summary, the money generated by the sale of Hamilton Hydro was rooted almost exclusively in the old city. By the way, I live in the country."

First of all Hamilton Hydro was not sold. It belongs to the city of Hamilton as its only shareholder. Indeed I seem to recall that it was recapitalized and that generated the funds avaliable to the Future Fund. Before this recapitalization could occur Hamilton Hydro incorporated ALL the assets of Stoney Creek Hydro, and the other Hydro Commissions except for Glanbrook, or portions of it which indeed are serviced by Ontario Hydro, as I just found out.

Surely, Hamilton Hydro became richer because of the accumulated assets. To suggest that the money generated for it is only the old city's is shameful revisionism or outright I suspect is your claim to live in the country. Come on. Out yourself to prove me wrong and I will do the same.

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