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By Policy Guy (anonymous) | Posted December 23, 2010 at 19:28:29

SayItAintSo - I agree with your point regarding building at WH or CP lands, to get an agreement on those sites would not be extortion but rather a happy outcome. Confed park is a different story...

Bob Young came up with some positive ideas towards the EM site, although they were not nearly completely articulated - and did the same in regards to what his approach would be about getting a deal to go with the CP lands - one felt that were close to deal that everyone could live with and benefit by: now we are back to the narrative of cynical rhetoric and fear mongering from the Cats because suddenly Confed Park was back on the radar, but the council, who are charged with looking after our end of the bargain said no. The Cats had appeared in attitude as though they were ready to make a deal, but then lo and behold, Confed Park re-appears on the radar, so they begin "negotiating" (extorting) again. If that is how they are prepared to negotiate, they should be prepared to get doses of the cynicism, fear and loathing they are dishing out. Iam a seasons ticket holder - I would like to get a deal but not one that costs us more than them

FYI - I don't recall stating that only downtown residents of the city are hydro customers or Future Fund owners.

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