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By TreyS (registered) | Posted December 23, 2010 at 12:46:44

WH still has a 50$ mil capital shortfall. The envelope of $ will be around $100mil not including FF$ if the stadium includes a tenant like the TiCats. Without the Cats -- will people get this through their heads -- there is no stadium without the Cats. IT will be 5,000 bleacher seats, that would be just lovely on West Harbour wouldn't it.?

HostCo has told us without the TiCats they will only fund a 5-6,000 seat stadium. Does that need to be repeated a hundred more times or what?

This deal is the same for Mississauga, Milton, Sprawlville, wherever, if HostCo abandons Hamilton, they will offer the same deal they are offering at WH, that is money for a 5-6,000 seat bleacher-style playing field.

HostCo has truly been trying to help Hamilton get a new CFL stadium, the deal they are offering Hamilton isn't the same deal for any other city. Providing the Cats are on-board.

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