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By jason (registered) | Posted July 30, 2009 at 10:19:35

I'd like to see both - government INVESTMENT local fundraising. HotHungarianChef has a good point. Buildings like this are absolutely an investment and help the local economy. Does anyone really think that Montreal or Boston would be as successful in their urban cores had they demolished most of it like we have in Hamilton?? Governments in the 50's-80's in Hamilton would have been wise to invest money to preserve our downtown. Our economy would be infinitely better for it today. Instead, the media, business and government has trained the public that money used for historic restorations is a "waste of time subsidy", yet money spent to demolish those same buildings and build a monster, mega-project is a worthwhile investment.

We demolish buildings like St Deny's and Eaton's and then build new buildings in some pseudo-historic style trying to emulate what was previously there.

Either way, tax dollars are being spent. Let's start spending them wisely.

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