Comment 3001

By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted January 18, 2007 at 09:27:05

Depressing rant, Ryan.

Evidently, the western world today is: 1.socially retarded 2.technologically innovative 3.designed to reject feedback

Number 2 offers no hope by itself because it is subservient to the choices of 1, and heavily influenced by marketing demand.

Of course, the reason for 1 is 3.

Since presently, small c conservatism is the rule (this would still be true under say, the Democrats and the Liberals on this continent), point 3 will be widely defended.

I think the real hope is for progressive thinkers getting the ear of powerful people at a time of crisis but not quite collapse - which is why, despite the hit to my retirement savings, I am waiting for a recession to wake up politicians who have overdrawn this continent's capital to severe depths.

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