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By Sage (anonymous) | Posted June 15, 2008 at 17:47:17

Mary Louise, I signed off with a 30 which in journalistic code meant that I had finished commenting.
You raise a much more disturbing issue however, and that is one that was disgraced during the McCarthy "Un-American" hearings some generations ago in the States. You will recall that McCarthy hauled people in front of his committee and tried to prove their 'un-Americanism' based on whom they knew or whom they had associated with in the past. The "Red-Scare" phenomenon gripped the whole of the United States until some brave journalists like Edward R. Murrow (see Good Night and Good Luck for an accurate precis of the time; or read "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller for an allegory likening McCarthyism to the Salem witch trials). The upshot was that McCarthy was disgraced as was his credo of 'guilt by association'. Liuna hired DePasquale. Liuna has publicly stated it would not demolish the building; Liuna is waiting on a multi million dollar deal with the Province and the city to restore the building. Why would Liuna order its demolition? Common sense tells you this can't be so.
The only flimsy accusation you have is one based on 'guilt by association'.
Mary Louise, you have just made matters worse for yourself. You should have stopped at the admission of having jumped the gun.

As for the Lister report by the Trust. I too would be happy to read the reasons for the building's provincial significance. Then I'll comment.

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