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By h magazine (registered) | Posted June 15, 2008 at 14:03:31

The Ontario Heritage Trust has now disclosed to the public its findings and recommendations regarding the Lister Block, pursuant to the Order of Senior Adjudicator John Higgins of the Information and Privacy Commission.

The full report is attached. Please read the two-page letter of the Honourable Lincoln M. Alexander to the Minister of Culture, which includes:

(a) the Trust’s conclusion that that the Lister Block is a provincially significant building that meets the definition of “property of cultural heritage value or interest of provincial significance” for the purposes of the Ontario Heritage Act (indeed, the Trust found that the Lister Block meets this definition on two bases);

(b) the Trust’s further conclusion that the Lister Block should be submitted for nomination to the Canadian Register of Historic Places; and

(c) the Trust’s recommendation that the Minister of Culture take active steps to protect the Lister Block.

Linc’s message is clear: the Province of Ontario must take action. He describes this as “a significant opportunity for the province to show leadership in the preservation of Ontario’s heritage.” I am hereby showing my support for Linc’s position by calling upon Minister of Culture Aileen Carroll to immediately designate the Lister Block under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Please pass this message along to others who have an interest in the built heritage of Ontario.

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